“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean” Netflix Release Announced

The Joestar family returns to screens for a sixth season, bringing the battle against DIO to an end.

Credit: Polygon

Since November of 2020, fans of the hit anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure have been awaiting the “JOJO: The Inherited Soul” press conference. This conference promised fans an exciting announcement, which was revealed to be the release of the anime’s sixth season Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. It is the sixth part of the anime franchise and showcases the final battle between the Joestar bloodline and DIO.

On the 8th of August, a special event with Jolyne’s voice actor, Ai Farouz, and the series director was streamed on Youtube and ended with the release of the first trailer. It received 3 million views in a day.

Jojo Synopsis

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the cursed Joestar family, as they encounter supernatural forces in their fight against evil. They must also fight against the vampire DIO, who has been at odds with the family since the Victorian era.

In Stone Ocean, it is 2011 when Kujo Jolyne is framed for murder and sentenced to 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Jail. Her father, Kujo Jotaro (Stardust Crusaders), visits her in jail to tell her that she was framed so that she could be murdered. But before he can help her escape, a series of events has Jolyne needing to stay imprisoned in order to protect her father and the world.

“There are things in this world that are more terrifying than death, and what’s happening in this prison is definitely one of them.”

Public Influence

The series was first published in 1987 by Hirohiko Araki and has since sold over 100 million copies in print. Stone Ocean was first published in 2000 and ran for 3 years before ending with 17 volumes. The eighth part of the series will end on August 19th, with the ninth installment, “JOJO LANDS”, having just been confirmed by Ultra Jump.

The series popularity, and the eye-catching outfits of the characters, have also been noticed in the fashion world. Araki did a collaboration with Japanese fashion magazine Spur and Gucci in 2011, releasing the Gucci x Hirohiko Araki x Spur “Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci” Exhibition. Araki drew the characters in the brand’s 2011–2012 fall/winter collection and his own original designs. Jolyne was also featured in another Gucci collaboration in 2013, with the illustrations featuring in Gucci’s storefronts around the world. The 25th-anniversary exhibit of the Jojo series was also featured in Gucci’s Florence showroom.

Jojo’s popularity also stems from the varying cultural references in the anime. The Stands (physical manifestation of a person’s psyche) are mostly named after varying rock band names and songs. For example, Jolyne is named after Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and her Stand Stone Ocean is named after Jimi Hendrix’s “Stone Free” (these names were slightly changed to avoid copyright).

The series will release on Netflix worldwide in December, and on Japanese TV in January 2022. This is another testament to the series’ popularity, as the first four seasons were released on Japanese TV first, having only just appeared on Netflix this year. The fifth season’s streaming date has not been confirmed.

Watch the trailer below, and keep an eye out for the official release date!

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