Wes Anderson’s Star-studded Upcoming Film

Wes Anderson is writing and directing his 11th feature film. And Tom Hanks joins the list of renowned actors that Anderson plans to cast in his next distinctive film.

The French Dispatch. Photo Credit: Variety

Genius filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for routinely casting from a hand-picked group of actors. These names include Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, Frances McDormand and Adrien Brody.

But never before has Tom Hanks been in an Anderson film. And after both spending many successful years in the industry, this is the first collaboration for the Oscar-winning actor and iconic director. And we’re hoping it’s the start of many.

What We Know

While Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch was postponed due to the pandemic, the director has not been wasting any time when it comes to the film’s follow-up.

Details of the film are not yet known, but Tom Hanks is officially joining recurring Anderson hand-picks. Recently announced, Hanks will star alongside Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Adrien Brody in the upcoming film. Fan-favourites Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson have also been added to the list.

Sets for the follow-up to The French Dispatch were first spotted outside the Spanish town of Chinchón earlier this year. And while no plot has not been revealed, it has not been short of speculation. Spanish newspaper El País reported the sets outside the south-east Madrid town to have a mock train station and landscapes characteristic of classic Westerns. However, it has since been denied that the film will be a Western.

Photo Credit: Evening Standard

According to Dazed, Swinton has offered a cryptic hint, saying that although the film is shooting in Spain, “it’s not about Spain”. Last year, rumours of a romance film for Anderson were detailed in Production Weekly, with a shoot set to take place in Rome this year. Could this be related to the upcoming film? We are yet to find out.

Tom Hanks

Photo Credit: Mid-Day

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks’ role may be “small and could be cameo-like in nature.” But it is still an unexpected and exciting collaboration for the famous Forrest Gump actor.

The 65-year-old American actor has recently starred in World War II drama Greyhound for Apple TV Plus. And he also earned an Oscar nomination for his performance as Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

You can next expect to see him in a live-action Pinocchio, set to premiere on Disney Plus. And if that’s not enough, we’re also excited to see him in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, expected in 2022. He’ll be playing Colonel Tom Parker, the manager who controlled every aspect of Presley’s life.

Wes Anderson’s Distinctive Style

Photo Credit: The Conversation

While it’s not clear what the film will look like it, there’s no doubt that it will be a Wes Anderson film. So it’s only fair that we can expect relentless detailing, tremendous visuals and a brilliant cast from the auteur.

And following its Cannes Premiere, Critics described The French Dispatch as a love letter to journalists. They’ve called it “a relentless hoot” and “a hymn to human curiosity and compulsions”.

Likewise, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel have also boasted Anderson’s unique narrative style, eccentricity and wonderful aesthetics.

In an interview, Anderson revealed, “I don’t want to have an invisible style, but I don’t care about having a trademark.”

So will this upcoming film completely mimic his other works, or will we see something fresh in the upcoming narrative?

Either way, there’s none quite like Wes Anderson. And there’s no denying that we are itching to finally see The French Dispatch, and eagerly await this mystery upcoming film debuting Tom Hanks in the world of the iconic filmmaker.