Hesher World: Post Malone’s Stylist Releases Dress Line for Men

Catherine Hahn, Post Malone’s stylist, has released a summer line of men’s dresses.

Credit: Snobette

She gained prominence in the fashion world when she first dressed Post Malone in a floral print that he wore to a Nirvana Tribute Concert. The look was inspired by Kurt Cobain who wore a similar dress in 1990 for a concert performance. Malone’s interpretation of the look was highly praised by fans and media outlets alike, leading his stylist to develop “Hesher World”.

“Posty looked so cool and comfortable in the dress, which inspired me to design more and want to make dresses for all”, she told Vogue. 

“There never seem to be as many options [for men] as ladies’ clothing”

Additionally, the stylist went on to say that the name of her brand was derived from Urban Dictionary. The term hesher refers to “someone who is stuck in the 80s and has an ‘outlaw attitude’”. This is very clearly reflected in Hahn’s first piece for the line, a yellow-plaid button-up extended into a dress. The two models for the piece are Erik Ellington and Davey Styles, sporting tattoos and skateboarding in their dresses. 

Hahn draws her inspiration from Kurt Cobain, the Beastie Boys, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger amongst others. “There’s a scene in the Beastie Boys documentary where one of them is in a kilt with a button-up white shirt. Such a rad look,”

The dress comes in a small/medium and large/ extra-large size. They are available for $150 on hesherworld.com 

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