FIB Chat: Drapht Shares New Song “Problem Here” + New Album, Shadows And Shinings

Aussie hiphop superstar, Drapht, releases an exciting new track, “Problem Here” feat. fellow Perth hypes Complete and Eli Greeneyes.

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“Problem Here” follows on from the spectacular “Shadows On My Walls” (featuring a supremely clever video). To celebrate the album’s release, Drapht is hitting the road in September for a massive national tour – which kicks off at Settlers Tavern in Margaret River, WA on September 3, wrapping up at Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast on September 26.
Drapht is a national treasure, with platinum recordings, multi-platinum and gold singles, and two ARIA awards under his belt. Shadows and Shinings is a brilliant addition to his discography, further cementing his mythical status.
A fantastic video joins the release, providing us with a taste of Drapht’s brilliant new album. As usual, Drapht displays his uncanny ability to dissecting his life experiences thru hooky melodies, nostalgic, persistent beats and clever production.

 Speaking on the inspiration behind “Problem Here”, Drapht explains,

“It was the last song written for my album. I had just bought my dream house in the hills of Perth, and the week I moved all my stuff in – planes started flying over.Then I found termites in the roof, snakes in the backyard, and to top it all off I have a toddler at home and I decided to throw a puppy in the mix just for some extra excitement.It was all a tad bit stressful…!”

Unfamiliar Territory

Drapht’s latest album Shadows and Shinings takes listeners into unfamiliar territory, but that’s no surprise — As Drapht demonstrates, album after album, he is constantly pushing the genre of Aussie hiphop into new and interesting areas.

Shadows and Shinings is a 15-track journey into the human mind, introspective, profound, brimming with irresistible beats and creative production.

We chat with Drapht about his latest track “Problem Here” and what’s up next for the Aussie hip hop star.

FIB: Tell me about the meaning behind your new track, Problem Here:

Drapht: It came about through a tough period during 2020, and I caught myself thinking – am I meant to remain positive here? After all of this am I meant to tell people I’m OK when I’m not? We live in a world where wokeness and being pollyanna positive all of the time is the new norm. But it just didn’t sit right for me at this moment. I had just bought my dream house in the hills of Perth, and the week I moved in – Planes started flying over. Then I found termites in the roof, snakes in the backyard, and to top it all off I have a toddler and a puppy at home. So it just felt like the best way to get it all off my chest and release it all.  

FIB: How was it to collaborate with Complete and EliGreeneyes?

Drapht: Very effortless. They are two of my closest friends and two of the most talented and inspiring people I know. We’ve collaborated before a bunch in the past. So it was probably the track that came together the quickest on the album. 

FIB: What was the creative process like for the track?

Drapht: We live in the same city and still work over the internet. We all have home studios so It’s just easier to write and record our separate parts in the comfort of our own homes and bounce back and forth over email and facetime. 

FIB: How did the video clip come together?

Drapht: It was directed and put together by Complete and Uncool Sam from Drop Shot Media. Was a heap of fun and super easy to make, we just focused on bringing the lyrics to life within the house where the initial idea came about. Thankfully the termites and snakes weren’t living there anymore. And I very much enjoyed being able to push Complete into the pool on a very cold winters day too.

FIB: Who are your biggest sound influences?

Drapht: The Beatles, Task Force, Eminem, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams.

FIB: How did you start your journey as an artist?

Drapht: My dad is a jazz drummer/percussionist, so a lot of different styles of music were always in our household growing up. Then I went to school with one of the guys from Downsyde and they were big influences and door openers in my early days. 

FIB: What advice would you give to a young musician in Australia?

Drapht: Find your voice, be honest and vulnerable. Take little bits from your influences and turn them into your own – don’t try to emulate a sound that already exists. 

FIB: What’s your favourite part of what you do?

Drapht: I love the feeling of finishing a whole project like this, especially having so many of my close friends and family involved. But my absolute favourite part is taking the songs out on the road and hearing people sing them back to you. There’s nothing like it.   

FIB: Tell me a bit about your upcoming LP, Shadows and Shinings:

Drapht: This album to me has been one big purge and a reset. To me, it feels like it’s meant to be slotted in just after my 2011 release “The Life of Riley”. The cover art is an illustration (drawn by Travis Price) of my childhood home, and the title Shadows and Shinings is a metaphor that represents all of the lightest and darkest times within my life while making it. From the birth of my daughter to having another relationship break down. From reflecting on the success of my career in the industry to the struggles with my mental health that also came with it. The theme originally started out from a line from one of my favourite books – Man’s Search For meaning “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” 

FIB: Do you have any shows coming up?

Drapht: I was meant to be heading out on a national tour next week, but the Covid outbreak over East closed our borders and we, unfortunately, had to cancel it. The silver lining is we’re still able to play locally, so we’re focusing our energy on a big 12 date West Australian tour instead, so I’m grateful for that. I also have a big 2022 ahead of me with a bunch of festivals and a huge show with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra which I’m silently shitting myself about 

FIB: What’s next?

Drapht: A well deserved few weeks off and a holiday! I am feeling really inspired at the moment though. I have a collab album in the pipeline with a close friend of mine. So I’m looking forward to jumping into that after a little break. I would also really love to play some shows overseas depending on if the world opens back up! But time will tell.
Shadows and Shinings is out September 10 – and is available for pre-order now.

Drapht ‘Shadows And Shinings’ National Tour:

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