Tiffany & Co.’s “Save The Wild” Collection Helps Protect Vulnerable Koalas

Tiffany & Co. is reinforcing its long history of animal conservation efforts with its “Save The Wild” collection.

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Within the retail industry, corporate responsibility is an increasingly important focal point. Consumers, purchase decisions, and overall brand loyalty are highly influenced by how a company gives back to the community – and how it promotes sustainability.
Since its establishment in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has found its creative grounding in its appreciation for the environment. The company formalised their devotion to Mother Earth in 2017 by establishing their Save The Wild collection.

The brand has a long history of animal conservation support, which began with its contribution to the elephant crisis fund. Next, they expanded their collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Network to help safeguard lions and rhinos.

The koala, Australia’s national treasure, has now found a home amongst the gumtrees as the latest addition to the commemorative jewellery collection.

Vulnerable Species

Tiffany & Co. is no stranger to Australian causes, having previously lent support to “The Sapphire Project”, an oceanic conservation effort based in Australia. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Save The Wild collection is expanding to include one of our favourite mascots, the koala.

Koalas are in significant decline as a result of habitat loss and bushfires. In 2012, the Australian Government designated the Koala “VULNERABLE” under the Federal EPBC Act in New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland. According to the Australian Koala Foundation, there are less than 100,000 wild Koalas alive, maybe as low as 43,000.

Much of Tiffany & Co.’s work with the Wildlife Conservation Network is based in Africa. The company said in a statement,

“The natural world has been a source of inspiration for Tiffany & Co. for more than 180 years. Our designs that reimagine flora and fauna are backed by a commitment to conservation. One hundred percent of the profits from the Tiffany Save the Wild collection will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network and its grantees.”

Source: Refinery29

Now, the brand branches out to focus on Koala conservation In Australia. One hundred per cent of the profits from the Kola Pendant are going towards the corporation to the Wildlife Conservation Network. This is to protect Australian koalas; increasing its longstanding investments in the safety and well-being of endangered species.

Our native koala population has been decreasing for decades, with a two-thirds drop in just two decades. Koalas play an essential part in bush regeneration and biodiversity. Losing our natural population will have devastating environmental consequences. Due to habitat degradation and the disastrous bushfires of 2020, the species is on the brink of extinction.

Preservation Efforts

The Tiffany’s grant will fund a variety of projects, including conservation work within Koala ranges, habitat restoration and preservation efforts, and emergency responses.

The latest addition to Save the Wild emphasises the fate of our most charismatic species. The offering is a Koala brooch, which serves as the centrepiece of this new initiative. With 18k white gold, diamonds, and a sterling silver charm, it’s an impressive addition to the collection.

Protecting Future Generations

Credit: The CEO Magazine

Collectively, Tiffany’s Save the Wild collection has raised more than USD $10 million. This aids in the conservation of the world’s most spectacular species; including elephants, rhinos, lions, and koalas. Since first establishing its efforts in 2017, Tiffany & Co. has become increasingly involved in conservation efforts.

Anisa Costa, Tiffany & Co.’s Chief Sustainability Officer shares that

“Tiffany & Co. has long recognised the importance of protecting our people and our planet for future generations – it’s something that has always been anchored in who we are as a business and a brand.

The Wildlife Conservation Network has been assessing the requirements in the koala conservation sector for over a year. A comprehensive screening process identifies how they can make the greatest strategic difference. This study eventually led them to Science for Wildlife and the programmes in place to save vulnerable koala numbers.

The Science for Wildlife organisation meets a vital need, undertaking creative and rigorous scientific research. Executive Director and CEO Dr Kellie Leigh explained to RUSSH,

“We actually begun this project partly in response to the devastating October bushfires; because what we began to see happen were koalas appearing in places we hadn’t seen since the early 1900s. What we then uncovered was that preserving this area was so critically important to the enduring survival of koalas.”

Science for Wildlife is one of more than 450 on-the-ground conservation projects Tiffany & Co. and the Wildlife Conservation Network support through partnership. And earlier this year, they reached a milestone of over 10 million US dollars in donations.

The Tiffany & Co. Save The Wild collection Koala brooch is available to shop now at all Tiffany & Co. boutiques and at

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