The New Era of Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is back, and he’s flooding social media.

Photo Credit: GQ Style

While he never really left, Jonah Hill has become more and more adored every day. With new tattoos, free-spirit fashion and artistic seriousness, the actor has ascended to the top of our list for celebrity simping.

As an Instagram-debuted bleached blonde surfer soaking up the California summer, Hill has been more active on social media than ever before. And on top of his own Insta-posting,  recent media attention, news of upcoming film projects and a well-deserved interview with GQ have meant that his face is all over our feeds. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

The Re-emergence of Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill became a well-known comedic icon through his starring roles in films like Superbad. And after a few years, he shifted towards a more serious look, playing roles like Moneyball and Wolf of Wall Street.

But as of late, he has re-emerged as something away from the kinds of roles he played; himself.

Hill has come back into the spotlight mainly through his presence on Instagram. Sporting fashionable looks, surfer vibes and playful jokes, the actor has been spotted from making fashion headlines to joking about his age to dancing to Beyonce in his driveway.

Surfing every day, working out and meditating has been at the core of Jonah’s newfound aloofness. And with tanned skin, a bunch of tattoos and a pair of 70s brown rimmed sunglasses, he’s found a way to get better looking every day.

Many have also made noticed his weight loss and toned body. However, that hardly encapsulates or defines Hill’s self-aware attitude and his drive for self-betterment with a focus on happiness within life and himself.

And after years of public scrutiny about his body, Hill is not feeding into the tabloids.  The actor shamed The Daily Mail in an Instagram post for posting pictures of him shirtless in Malibu and surfing. Making it clear that he was no longer bothered by the media’s mockery of his body, he dedicated the post to people who felt the way he did throughout his childhood.  And he stated that not even The Daily Mail could wipe the smile off his face.

He even got a tattoo with the yellow logo of Body Glove – a Water Sports brand dating back to 50s America – inked as “Body Love”.

Artistic Projects

Being a zen surfer boy and fashion icon hasn’t even remotely taken away from Jonah Hill’s work or drive. In fact, he’s been working more artistically than ever.

After his directorial debut, Mid-90s, the 37-year-old filmmaker has had a lot of projects in the works. He has recently made Don’t Look Up with director Adam McKay to be released on Netflix. Set to release this year, the film is a dark comedy about two astronomers trying to warn mankind of impending doom.

And he has also three upcoming film projects he’s working on. Hill told GQ the first is something he wrote himself. Then, a documentary on his therapist Phil Stuz about his meditative practices and life for Netflix. And third is an interracial marriage comedy he co-wrote with Kenya Barris, where Hill is set to act alongside Eddie Murphy.

He said when he comes to creating he is starting to understand his value rather than trying to fit in with expectations.

“I don’t chase youth, and I don’t chase trends…I’m just chasing humanity.”

Source: GQ.

The actor, writer and director has been taking time to focus on himself, his work and work towards being happy. As Hill told fellow Director Adam McKay in an interview for GQ, he is just keeping it mellow. 

A Well-Balanced Life

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jonahhill

So between his daily surfing, meditative practice or just hanging out with his girlfriend and dog, Fig, Jonah Hill is keeping a well-balanced lifestyle.

In his GQ interview with Director Adam McKay, he explained that he has set plans for what he works on each week to keep this balance, alongside daily focuses and meditation. But he has revealed that it is still something he has to work towards, as everyone does. He stated to McKay that after having a wild 20s he realised he wanted to make some changes.

“I was really advanced professionally but really behind personally. All my 20s, I wasn’t really looking inward. I was just running toward success. Or trying to find success.”

Since reflecting on his mental health and making efforts to change his outlook and life, he’s found happiness between his work, his hobbies and his family.

And when it comes to social media, he likened Instagram to the cigarettes of this time saying. “It is the biggest killer. It is death. And I fully participate in it, like I smoke cigarettes,” he told GQ. He said that life is about a spectrum of what you find healthy. And so limiting his time to the platform and public allows his habits to remain healthy.

He also told GQ that he thought the whole ‘tortured genius’ side of creating was a myth. He doesn’t believe the old-time tale that you’re supposed to be miserable to be talented.

“I got healthier, my art got better, and I was happier. Straight up. I haven’t seen misery bring better art out of anybody. I just haven’t.”

A New Age

Photo Credit: GQ Style

His Instagram presence, surfing ethos, upcoming projects and refined attitude have left many asking, “Is there anything Jonah Hill can’t do?”.

As he jumps on and off trends and plays with the expectations of Instagram posting, we’ve come to the conclusion that he is simply making the rules. And the best part about fronting headlines and being a fashion icon is that he hasn’t tried to, Hill is just living his life.

 “I love work. I love being creative. I want to be happy. I literally want to be happy. That is the mission of my life, that I work hard at.”

It’s not enough to just boil it down to a glow-up or a mere quest for personal re-invention. Jonah Hill has evolved. He has artistically grown and changed his life, his focus and his aesthetic.

And as Jonah guides the way, it’s a new age for everyone. He’s tuned into himself and his plans for self-betterment and finding happiness is a welcome inspiration.

Hill has embodied his values and spread messages of love alongside his loveable jokes. And he’s setting a new tone for the Instagram platform and inspiring those who have been at the hands of media shaming.

So while we could go on, resembling somewhere between a modern-day beach boy and old Hollywood Jonah Hill is the gift that keeps on giving.

And we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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