Bottega Veneta Unveils Salon 02

After months of mystery, Bottega Veneta has finally revealed their Salon 02 Collection.

Photo Credit: Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has been the fashion-cult belle of the ball for some time now. And while many were losing business at the start of the pandemic, Bottega Veneta was soaring with increasing popularity. So much so, that creative director Daniel Lee sought distance from the impeding familiarity and craze.

Bottega Veneta went silent: empty feeds on their social media, classified runway shows and a break from fashion calendars. Now the luxury Italian fashion house is revived.

The Lead Up

Bottega Veneta first introduced its ‘Salon’ campaigns in London during lockdown. Last October, Salon 01 was shown exclusively to the likes of Kanye West, Skepta, and Neneh Cherry at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre. The show was completely hush-hush leaving fans confused and curious.

It was only months later that we would see images of the show, photographed by Bottega’s regular Tyrone Lebon, and the accompanying collection.  The 01 collection perfectly reflected home-life and domestic leisure, bearing on the times. It was a mix of comfort and assurance during a pandemic-caused lockdown.

And Bottega’s done it again. No, better.

The Campaign

Director Lee delved into the art of mystery and the desired, but this time with more pizzazz. The House had another secret show in April this year at the notorious Berghain nightclub in Berlin. Again hosted intimately, the “no phones no cameras” show was for big names including Virgil Abloh, Slow Thai, Skepta, Honey Dijon and Burna Boy.

Upon hearing about another exclusive show and knowing Bottega’s new M.O., fans did their bit and eagerly waited. And as good things come, Bottega revealed the mystery ready-to-wear collection this month.

In launching the campaign for Bottega Veneta Salon 02, the luxury brand linked up with photographer Tyrone Lebon again. Models in the campaign feature Sora Choi, Anok Yai, Mariacarla Boscono, Freja Beha Erichsen, Dede Mansro, Fernando Cabral, Takahiro Oda and Yoonmi Sun.

Moving away from home life and reflective vibes, season Salon 02 gets its inspiration from night-time looks and city streets. Set in an empty low-lit concrete club with light squirming out of small windows and an eye-catching turquoise flooring, the campaign felt cinematic.

The Collection

Embracing a post-pandemic energy, Salon 02 looks to the future with glamour-tinted glasses. The new Salon collection beams with the attraction of dressing up and extravagance. It’s all about going out, looking good and feeling great even in – and in spite of – trying times.

In true elegance, it flaunts bold-coloured coats, glittering dresses and feathered suits. Distinguished by its turquoise and red hues, the designers feature signature ostrich feathers, fringe details, sleek leather and glass embroidery.

And with 61 looks, the collection is holistic. The first half features dark suits and black tie looks, while the second half of the collection is playful and fierce with attention-grabbing colours, textures and volume.

It has a selection of suits, mini dresses and knee-high boots. And there is a notable and vast curation of voluminous outerwear. Accessories include a series of padded tote bags, on-brand jewellery, textured handbags and signature boots and heels.

So in review, Salon 02 is evocative. Born out of hope and a focus on moving forward, the juxtaposed designs are reflective of the times. Lee impressively fosters excitement and resilience despite a looming and complicated pandemic.

And what’s more, the campaign somehow manages to keep its identifying signature as it introduced fresh and new looks that scream BOTTEGA VENETA.

The aesthetics, designs and thrilling campaign provide a creative return to normalcy. Innovation is obvious, re-branding the House with its deserved mystery and intimate spirit. And despite stepping away from familiarity and expected fashion calendars, Bottega never fails to capture everyone’s attention.

You can discover the new ready-to-wear collection now, available at Bottega Veneta.

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