Balenciaga Collabs with Fortnite

Balenciaga has just dropped their newest collaboration, joining forces with the popular online game Fortnite.

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games, the creators behind online the third-person shooter game Fortnite, recently announced their collaboration with “archival looks from luxury fashion house Balenciaga”.

Whilst announcing new skins for players, they also announced that some of the skins would be available as real clothing items. The two most expensive items from the catalogue are two jean jackets, going for $1290 each. The partnership will also be on billboards in New York, London, Tokyo, and Seoul.

To utilise the fashion in game, GQ was told how Balenciaga gave Epic Games 3D scans of the clothing to allow the game’s designers to recreate the fashion on the characters. While some clothes couldn’t be put into the game, they were integrated into the gameplay. For example, their Speed 3.0 shoe is now a pickaxe, while the Hourglass Bag is now a glider.

This is one of several collaborations that the game has done, with some joking about how else Fortnite can expand their metaverse (a virtual-reality space where one interacts with a computer-generated environment and other users). Notable collabs have already happened with Travis Scott, Marvel, DC Comics, and Rick and Morty to name a few.

While it hasn’t even been a week since the release, the collab is almost sold out. Items that have already sold out include the $395 caps and two of the $725 medium fit hoodies.

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