FIB’s Weekly Drop Highlights #7

Welcome back to FIB’s weekly drop list. Here are the best fashion, music and footwear releases of the week.

Credit: NSS G-Club

This week’s highlights include Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics, Supreme x True Religion, Billie Eilish x Air Jordan & more.

Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics

Doja cat has teamed up with LA-based cosmetics brand BH Cosmetics on her first-ever makeup line.

Credit: Hypebae

The star explains,

“This collaboration is such a full-circle moment for me. I grew up doodling in school and always had an artistic eye, so naturally experimenting with makeup was a huge part of my life as a teenager,” the Planet Her artist speaks on the partnership in a press release. “One of the first shadow palettes I ever purchased was from BH Cosmetics and I’m so proud to release this collection with them.”

The range features an array of vibrant colours and electrifying metallics, drawing its inspiration from the “divine energy of nature and all its prismatic elements”.

FIB’s pick?

The Mega 36 Color Shadow Palette.

Credit: E! Online

This eyeshadow pallet includes 36 pigmented shadows in matte and sparkly hues. With the diversity of nudes and flora-inspired tones, you can easily create a cosmetic masterpiece.

The Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collection is now available online, with prices ranging from $9 to $36 USD.

Mega 36 Color Shadow Palette

The pallet contains pigmented shadows in matte and sparkly hues in this huge eyeshadow palette. With the diversity of nudes and flora-inspired tones, you can create a wide range of styles. This is one of the collection’s items that will surely sell out.

The Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collection is now available online, with prices ranging from $9 to $36 USD.

Supreme x True Religion

Credit: Complex

Supreme and True Religion first debuted their new joint lineup via photographs of professional skateboarder Tyshawn Jones earlier this month.

Jones was spotted wearing the hooded sweatshirt in a purple shade earlier this month at a mural opening in the Bronx.

On Monday, the brand debuted its fall 2021 collection, including a denim trucker jacket, hooded sweatshirt, denim cargo pant, 6-panel hat, and beanie.

The collection is available online from September 30.

Dr. Martens, “Quad Neoteric” line

Credit: Hypebae

Dr. Martens has debuted a collection of chunky footwear for FW21.Named the “Quad Neoteric” line, it includes The Audrick 8-Eye Boot, the Audrick Chelsea, and the Audrick 3-Eye shoe.

All of the shoes have 1.9mm thick soles with PVC jagged outsoles and EVA midsoles. The upper is constructed of black Nappa Lux leather with yellow welt stitching, which is a distinctive feature of the brand. The exaggerated thread design and black and yellow heel loops complete the oversized shapes.

The collection is available online from September 30.

Billie Eilish x Air Jordan

Credit: Sneaker News

Billie Eilish drops her debut collaboration with Air Jordan this week. The Grammy award-winning singer has put an ergonomic spin on her favourite kicks, the Air Jordan 15 and shared her take on the AJKO.

Both sneakers, which claim both style and sustainability credentials, will be released by Nike on September 30.

Eilish took to Instagram to share the news, posting photos of herself wearing the Air Jordan 1 KO and the Air Jordan 15 to do so.

Credit: Instagram

The artist says in her caption,

“I’ve always loved Jordan Brand and it was such an incredible and surreal experience getting to create these, especially in a sustainable fashion.”

Both footwear types are 100% vegan and made with 20% recycled materials as part of Nike SNKRS app’s “Behind the Design” series.

Coldplay x BTS, “My Universe”

The seminal British rock band have collaborated with K-pop sensation BTS. The highly anticipated single, “My Universe” was released last week. This new single forms part of Coldplay’s upcoming album, Music of the Spheres.

Credit: NPR

Featuring lyrics in English and Korean, Chris Martin sings,

“In the night I lie and look up at you/When the morning comes I watch you rise/There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture/That bright infinity inside your eyes.” The septet continues the first verse in Korean, which roughly translates to, “Every night, I fly to you forgetting that it’s just a dream/I meet you with a smile/Never-ending forever baby.”

Parlophone (Martin’s company), has upcoming plans for an official music video, documentary, and altered versions of “My Universe” in addition to the new track.

On Monday, the powerhouse duo released an acoustic rendition, with an official music video yet to be confirmed. Check out the track below:

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