New Louis Theroux Docu-series ‘Forbidden America’ Is Coming

The filmmaker will present a new documentary series uncovering America’s entertainment industry.

Credit: ABC

The BBC documentary will be released in three parts and include very “provocative” material. The show will discuss the deep entrails of the American entertainment industry. Going in-depth into politics, music and the porn industry.

The BBC’s synopsis for the show reads:

“In Forbidden America, Louis explores how online has collided with the real world, helping the far-right build solidarity, creating power shifts in the porn industry and seeing rap artists live-streaming feuds.”

“The world has gone through massive changes, in particular from the effects of social media.” 

The series will dive into feuding young rappers to far-right groups and how they have found new ways of influencing through gaming and streaming services. He will investigate porn performers who have called out alleged predators within the industry. Theroux will be interviewing “an assortment of content creators” and will explore the effects of the “massive changes” the world has undergone in recent years.

The documentarian said, “These three documentaries were tough to make. They required delicate access conversations. They feature scenes and confrontations that are shocking and upsetting.” 

Forbidden America has yet to have a release date and will be aired on the BBC.

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