One Hundred Years of Gucci

It’s officially the 100th anniversary of Gucci, a brand that continues to define modern luxury.

Credit: RUSSH

To celebrate the legacy of the brand, Gucci has announced the arrival of a brand new series of Gucci pop-ups.

Founded in Florence in 1921 – this year marks 100 years of the prestigious Italian Maison, and with it comes its newest collection. Titled Gucci 100, the collection revels in Gucci‘s memories of music, culture, art, and its pioneering good taste. Gucci 100 is connecting the dots of fashion and self-expression with those of genre and individual identity.

Eternal Vitality

This centennial marks a monumental milestone for the brand, with Creative Director Alessandro Michele stating, 

“The centennial, for me, represents an opportunity to bear witness to Gucci’s eternal vitality that year after year, is reborn, it renews itself, reestablishing an unusual relationship with contemporaneity as a boy, forever young, observing the world with a powerful vision.”

Credit: Gotham
The ready-to-wear collection and accessories are all adorned with the celebratory title of Gucci 100. Taking this campaign’s lyrical roots even further, the garments are printed with song lyrics that have channelled the Gucci name.
However, the collection is a patchwork of sorts. It is as much an invention as it is a celebration. Michele says,
“it isn’t a revisionist attempt to rummage through the past: if anything, mine is a ‘reverse’ revisionism of the House’s history, stitched back together by a piercing note, a melody, a refrain. Also because, if I were to depict Gucci, for me it would be an eternal teenager who hangs out at places where music is heard and played.”
Image: RUSSH
A mix of genres serves as a backdrop to Gucci’s style, energy, and taste, whether it’s Disco, Jazz, Psych Rock, or Hip Hop. 
The full Gucci 100 collection is available to explore on 

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