Licorice Pizza Will Take You On A Nostalgic 70s Trip

The new Paul Thomas Anderson film, whose trailer dropped Monday, is about a pair of 1970s high school students from the San Fernando Valley.

Credit: Vulture

Written and directed by Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza is a nostalgic coming-of-age film. The film stars Valley-bred Alana Haim of the band Haim, and Cooper Hoffman, the son of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, both in their feature-film debuts. 

There are also glimpses of Sean Penn and Ben Stiller, as well as Maya Rudolph. Musician Tom Waits and Benny Safdie are also among the cast.

“You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”

Amongst the star-studded supporting cast is a few characters based on real people. Benny Safdie as progressive politician Joel Wachs, and Bradley Cooper as the hairdresser-turned-super-producer, Jon Peters. His claim to fame as Mr Barbra Streisand even comes up in the trailer

As the trailer shows, the throwback movie leans into life in the L.A. suburb and showcases and the backdrop of Hollywood and making it big. The plot centres around a love story between Haim and Hoffman’s characters. From the trailer, we see the couple struggling as Hoffman’s character tries to balance his personal life and life as an actor. 

The trailer also shows the couple with different partners and trying to make each other jealous. Additionally, Bradley Cooper’s role sees him going off the wall and dawning an intense character.

Like most Paul Thomas Anderson movies, Licorice Pizza doesn’t seem to be too concerned with a specific plot. The film’s strongest attribute will be with the vibes of a time and place and feeling. This time around it’s all about young love and growing up in the 70s.

Check out the trailer here:

Licorice Pizza will get a limited release on November 26 and expand nationwide on December 25.

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