The Return of Pop-punk Fashion

Pop-Punk has returned! The genre and fashion style is the latest Y2K fashion trend to make a comeback.

Credit: Rolling Stone

It’s influencing high fashion collections and informing the styling of the new generation of pop stars. It looks like pop-punk is on the way back!

The era of Y2K continues, through many nostalgic reinventions. The spirit of punk, however, has never been just a trend. It’s ever-present in all sectors of youth culture. Its thread is non-exclusive to one genre or type of person.

Pop Punk: A History

Punk fashion was birthed from rebellion and desire for political and structural change. 1970s Glam Punk emerged in a time when young people felt dissatisfied with the world. Fashion naturally became a way to express that anger and a means of protest against limiting expectations of how people should look or behave.

Whether you’re an OG pop-punk fan or not, it’s time to get acquainted with the six trends that are (re)defining pop-punk for the contemporary moment — because angsty rebellion looks good on adults too.

Plaid Prints


Colourful Streaks

Band Tees


Smokey Eyes



Punk is unapologetic. The style begs you to listen up and don’t interrupt. And when artists like Willow Smith reclaim a historically white male-dominated genre like pop-punk and put their own spin on it, they authentically honour the spirit of punk, because they’re being authentic to themselves.

So be unapologetic and embrace the pop-punk within.

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