Amber Slooten Reveals Vision For a More Inclusive Fashion Industry

As the interview commences, Slooten appears on-screen with virtual hoop earrings created entirely from data. A preview of what was to come.


Day three of the Dezeen 15 festival featured Amber Slooten, creative director and co-founder of digital fashion house, The Fabricant. In the interview, she reveals her plans to forge a more inclusive fashion industry with the help of technology.

In her manifesto, Slooten outlines the use of technologies including NFTs, blockchain and crypto in forming a new creative economy. An economy where one’s financial rewards are equal to their talent. Creators will have the ability to produce and trade digital designs by using these technologies. Thus helping to craft a more equitable fashion industry.

“In this digital future, a kid in Dakar stands as much chance as a kid in Paris of becoming an influential fashion force, with the tools to bring their ideas to life and a network of supporters that promotes, distributes and sells their work,” Slooten states.

The Fabricant

The Fabricant was founded by Slooten, Kerry Murphy and Adrianna Hoppenbrouwer in 2018. A proactive development to ensure digital fashion becomes a force of the future. The digital fashion house intersects fashion and technology by fabricating digital apparel that can be purchased and worn in the Metaverse. Never to exist in physical reality. These technologies allow people to develop and enjoy fashion without the consequential wastage that often coincides.

To concur with Slootens manifesto, she announced the launch of The Fabricant Studio, a platform where users can create exclusive virtual garments to trade and wear in the metaverse. It “allows anyone to become a digital fashion designer” Slooten explains, and enables those with limited resources.

The work of Slooten is evidence that fashion doesn’t have to be physical to exist, and that opportunity for everyone lies in the new reality. There truly is an exciting world that awaits us in the future of fashion.

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