Gucci is Finally Embracing Curve Models

Gucci hits a much-needed fashion house milestone.

Credit: Dazed

Gucci’s recent runway show Love Parade marks its 100-year anniversary and a major milestone for the fashion house. The luxury label has just made its curve model debut, and fingers crossed, there is no turning back.

The love parade in LA saw the busy boulevard blocks shut down to seat the sea of celebrity spectators. It was bright lights, glitz and glam from the streets to the sequin dresses. The runway was effectively-suited to its Hollywood Boulevard surroundings. Taking on an old-time Hollywood feel, complete with cinematic proportions and movie-star cameos.

Among the 115 star-studded model cast was young Tess McMillian who became the first plus-size model to walk for Gucci. Invigorating the runway in a pink satin strap midi-dress with matching satin shoes, and lace-up black gloves.

It was a monumental milestone for the Italian fashion house that was arguably a little behind schedule. Curve models have been presenting on runways for some years now, making Gucci behind the times in comparison to some of its major competitors.

Check out the full show here:

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