Grimes Collaborates with DJ Chris Lake to Create An AI Girl Group

Grimes and British musician DJ Chris Lake combine talents to create an all AI girl group: NPC.

Credit: NME

The project marks the first time the two have collaborated. The duo officially debuted the group’s first track, “A Drug From God” in November. Previously they had teased the track in May, before the band’s announcement. Lake has repeatedly played it at his own events since. The completely artificial musicians are made to be “infinite”, with each member to be voted in and out by the audience. According to a press release:

‘NPC will hone the concepts of Art Angels and Miss Anthropocene, finally manifesting the endless characters in Grimes’ head.’

The group will also include “core members”, who will remain a constant throughout the band’s career. Core members will include ‘War Nymph’, the “digital self” Grimes used in her 2020 album Miss Anthropocene. A different version of War Nymph is available from her crypto-art collection in March.

NPC’s computer-generated nature will reach past more than their music. Working with artist Nusi Quero, the band will have generative AI to create their costumes and movements. Currently, there is a delay in creating the band’s official appearance. An in-progress version has since been previewed on Grimes’ Instagram. The first members of the band’s name are to be Cortisol, Dopamine, Adrenaline, Oxytocin, and Tomorrow.

Lullaby for X Æ A-XII

This would not be Grimes’ first foray into AI music. Previously she has spoken out against using AI, fearing it might make her and other musicians obsolete. She has since released the pro-AI song “We appreciate Power”. She has also combined with Endel, the company that made the first algorithm to sign a major distribution deal, to create the app AI Lullaby. The app is designed to aid in peaceful sleep with soothing audios. Inspired by and used for her and Elon Musk’s child X Æ A-XII.

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