How Gucci Conquered Gen Z on TikTok

What is Gucci’s secret in becoming the most popular brand on Tik Tok after 100 years in the business?

Credit: GQ

The Italian fashion house, Gucci, has become the most popular luxury brand for Gen Z on TikTok. Considering the age range of this generation, it is a wonder how the brand is achieving its status.

According to Vogue Business Index, Gen Z have the greatest urge to spend, followed by millennials. Young people are readied with large disposable incomes and a growing interest for luxury fashion to match, creating the perfect opportunity for brands like Gucci. And the Italian powerhouse isn’t the only luxury label drawing the interest of the young consumer, who is expected to drive a fifth of luxury purchases by 2025. Labels like Alexander McQueen and Givenchy are noticing this increase in awareness, and the power Gen Z hold in the sector.

What is Gucci actually doing on TikTok?

TikTok’s Gucci Model Challenge | Credit: Daily Front Row

Gucci’s presence on TikTok as a means for product-focused marketing is working a treat. Gen Z are wanting diversity and difference and that’s exactly what Gucci is providing. Their content features runway shorts that show models of all colours, shapes and looks. What this does is allow the young audience to see themselves in the brand, no matter their appearance and cultural background.

Gen Z is pushing the current fashion standards to new heights with their consideration for cultural diversity and inclusion ideals. If brands want to stay in the minds of this generation, they need to be adopting these ideals.

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