Summer Camp: Australia’s First Touring Pride Festival

Australia’s first touring pride festival will see a mix of international headliners and diverse local artists. 

Credit: NME

Australia’s first touring pride festival ‘Summer Camp’ has announced its debut line-up. Headed up by London’s Years & Years leading a host of local artists in a festival set to be one of the biggest LGBTQIA+ music festivals in the southern hemisphere.

The festival kicks off in late February 2022 in Darwin followed by Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The event aims to celebrate freedom and diversity by providing a space for every walk of life. True to its name, it is fundamentally a summer camp for adults. It aims to transcend the boundaries of our imagination and suspend our reality.

Co-founder Kat Dopper said in a statement,

“[Summer Camp is] a chance to frolic in the forest with pals, dress up, and celebrate the true meaning of pride”

“Love has no labels at Summer Camp – it’s a place to call ‘homo’ this pride season. Let’s get sweaty this summer and feel the euphoria of being together and dancing again.”

The line-up is an inclusive selection of young, diverse artists. The Veronicas, Cub Sport, Ladyhawke, Confidence man, Young Franco, Kinder, JessB, Sycco and The Merindas are among the local names touring the country. To be joining them is over 150 DJs, drag queens, dancers & performance artists in each city.

A percentage of each ticket will go towards the Summer Camp Artists Grants Program providing quick access grants to artists.

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