Adele Successfully Lobbies to Remove Spotify’s Automatic Shuffle

Adele asked Spotify to rid of the Shuffle button on album pages, and Spotify listened. Should we be thanking her?


Adele has made a personal extension to Spotify in an attempt to remove the shuffle button off the Album pages. And the feature is now removed. So why did she do it?

In removing the default shuffle feature, users can listen to songs in an album in their original order as the artist intended. The multi-grammy award winner took to Twitter to explain. “This was the only request I had in our ever-changing industry”, she said. A minuscule request for the industry heavyweight. Artists have a vision and the sequence in the songs are placed is a part of that vision, her post explains.

“Our art tells a story, and our stories should be listened to as we intended”.

Most app users welcomed the feature as a positive change. For those who still wish to listen to the songs on shuffle, you can switch on the “Shuffle” icon when viewing a track.

A spokesperson for Spotify said in a statement,

As she celebrates the success of her album 30, she can now celebrate even more. She can rest easy knowing her artistry, and that of others can be experienced as planned.

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