The Butterfly Effect Share Epic New Single, “So Tired”

Beloved Australian rock band The Butterfly Effect have dropped their new single, “So Tired”. A deep investigation of living life in the fast lane, the song offers a glimpse into the band’s wild past.

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Frontman Clint Boge, guitarist Kurt Goedhart, bassist Glenn Esmond, and drummer Ben Hall co-founded The Butterfly Effect in 2001. By the end of the year, the band released their self-titled debut EP. It received consistent rotation on Triple J in Australia and eventually sold over 10,000 copies, thanks to a tireless touring schedule.

After an extended hiatus, The Butterfly Effect made a spectacular return to the music scene in 2019 with the killer hit “Unbroken” and a run of festival appearances.

“So Tired” is pure TBE, with aggressive, thumping rhythms and complicated chord progressions which only the most accomplished musicians can create.

The lyrics are pained, as the protagonist participates in troubling behaviours in an attempt to run from the darker parts of the mind.

“I’m so fucking tired I can’t sleep. I’m so fucking wired I can’t speak”, sings Boge.

It’s a serious, haunting track, making several important observations about mental health through the use of dangerous distractions. Speaking on the introspective inspiration behind the track, lead guitarist Kurt Goedhart says, 

“This song is about excess; this song is about us.  We started this band, then before we knew it, it became ‘hold on for your dear lives!’ We were in a cycle of writing, touring, recording, touring – and above all else, we were partying NON-STOP.  If you wanna know what it is like to live that life, there is no better explanation than this song.”

Vocalist Clint Boge explains that,

“This song to me represents an internal battle we will most likely all face at one time in our lives. Depression, anxiety, fear, anger and a sense of hopelessness are all part of that battle.”

Gearing Up For A New LP

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Fans will be thrilled to hear that The Butterfly Effect are gearing up for a new album in 2022. Hall enthuses, “We’ve got a new album coming in 2022.”

He goes on to explain that,

“the next single is also ready to go, it’s a savage tune and will be dropping in February. Phattest riff Puddles has written in 20 years.  We’re hoping Covid restrictions will ease and Glenn can join us for the next studio sessions, making the experience more of a traditional recording scenario, minimal internet, lots of noise kind of thing.”

The Butterfly Effect isBen Hall (drums), Clint Boge(lead vocals),Glenn Edmond(bass guitar) and Kurt Goedhart(lead guitar).

“So Tired” is out now. Listen below:

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