FIB’s Weekly Drop List #12

Welcome back to FIB’s weekly drop list. Here are our favourite new releases for the fourth week of November!

Credit: Hypebeast

This week’s highlights include 2pac NFT’s, Tyler the Creator’s AMA performance, Prada’s brand new, dazzling satin loafers & more.

2Pac, Super Rare NFTs

Credit: NME

Lawrence “Loupy D” Dotson has dropped some extremely rare images of 2Pac as NFTs.

As Rolling Stone reports, the previously unseen images were taken during a release party for the late rapper’s debut album ‘2Pacalypse Now’ in 1992.

The NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are being sold by hip-hop journalist/photographer Lawrence “Loupy D” Dotson on the NFT platform Open Sea. 17 of the 18 NFTs will be original Tupac Shakur images, with one being a “Super NFT” collage of the other 17 photos.

The NFTs come with a framed reproduction of the photograph autographed by Dotson. A portion of the revenues will go to 100k Trees for Humanity, which will plant trees in Pac’s hometown of Marin Country, California.

Per Hypebeast, Dotson explains in a statement that he “ended up at the 1992 release party shortly after meeting the late rapper at a bar”.

At the time, the famed photographer / hip hop journalist was still on the rise. When discussing misogyny at the time, 2Pac stated that “the community had to come together to stop all the self-hatred they were inflicting on one another in the music.” Dotson is then invited to a release party by 2Pac. Dotson explains,

“I bought a disposable, black and white 35mm camera from the Thrifty’s on the corner of La Brea and Rodeo. Later that night I got to Glam Slam, Prince’s old club on Boylston Street downtown and where the release party was held. I couldn’t wait to see this brotha perform.

He goes on to explain his decision to release the images as NFTs.

Now, I am happy that after hanging on to the negatives throughout the years, I have the opportunity to release them via an NFT. This technology is exciting for artists.”

Check out the NFTs on OpenSea.

Natsuko Shoji x VERDY, “Santa Claus for your beloved one”

Credit: Omakase

Natsuko Shoji of Ete and graphic artist VERDY have just dropped their second collection. “Santa Claus for your beloved one,” is the second collection by Natsuko Shoji of été and graphic designer VERDY. Its intention is to accompany the Christmas you spend with a loved one.

Natsuko Shoji is the first Japanese woman to be named Asia’s Best Pastry Chef. She also owns “été”, one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Her partnership with VERDY, a graphic designer and creator of “Girls Don’t Cry” and VICK, has resulted in their second capsule collection, a tribute to Christmas.

The capsule theme is “Santa Claus for your beloved one”. It includes a collection of Christmas socks with the bitten heart logo, badges, chocolate assortments, and PVC bags. To celebrate the launch, a limited time illumination will appear at the été restaurant.

Per Omakase, Chef Natsuko Shoji explains,

“As VERDY and I worked together, our mutual understanding and respect for each other’s creations grew deeper and sharper, and we began to realize that we were creating something of a high level of perfection.”

VERDY adds that,

“The concept of “Girls Don’t Cry” was to create a new gift with Natsuko, based on the idea of “always having a smile on your face.

I hope it will be a gift for your loved ones.”

Priced at ¥22,000 JPY (approximately $192 USD), the Girl’s Don’t Cry x été “Santa Claus for Your Beloved One” set is available for reservation now and is officially on sale November 27.

Nike, GO FlyEase

Credit: Hypebae

Nike has dropped a new colourway of hands-free slip-on GO FlyEase sneakers. The shoe, which is available in “Black/Gum,” is minimalist in comparison to its predecessors, which appear in colours such as “Red/Black.”

The silhouette is created with ease of wear in mind. With a bi-stable hinge, it’s designed to be easily worn and removed.

The new colourway includes a black upper, with white on the Swoosh and midsole. A gum outsole completes the aesthetic.

The Nike GO FlyEase “Black/Gum” can be purchased via Nike’s website and select stores.

Tyler the Creator, MASSA

Tyler the Creator takes the stage at the American Music Awards this week to perform “Massa” from his latest album, “Call Me If You Get Lost”.

The top-tier rapper wears a puffer jacket and shorts in the performance. After the performance, Tyler rides off the stage on a Vespa.

Meanwhile, Cardi B was tasked with presenting the event. Among those who performed were Bruno Mars, Anderson.Paak, Olivia Rodrigo, BTS, Coldplay, Carrie Underwood, and Jason Aldean.

BTS was named artist of the year, Megan Thee Stallion was named favourite female hip-hop artist, and Drake was named favourite male hip-hop artist.

Watch Tyler, the Creator perform “Massa” at the 2021 American Music Awards above.

Prada, Crystal Satin Loafers

Credit: Hypebae

To dazzle your Christmas company this holiday season, check out Prada’s latest glittering loafers.

These chocolate brown satin shoes are heat-sealed, bejewelled in iridescent crystals which cover the entire exterior (besides the emblematic Prada triangle logo which appears on the shoe’s strap.

The shoe’s round toe reinterprets the classic penny loafer, incorporating a 35mm, thick rubber sole for a contemporary look. The pair is finished off with a notched welt stitch around the sole and leather insoles which feature Prada branding. It’s a pair for a special occasion.

The loafers are available now via the Prada website.

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