The Black TV & Film Collective Merges With The Parity Project

“Our future is bright because as Black people, when we join hands with our fellow brothers and sisters, we can level mountains” – The Parity Project co-founder Ron McCants. 


The Black TV & Film Collective (BTFC) has joined forces with The Parity Project to increase their impact as organisations working to combat underrepresentation in the film industry.

The organisations have operated separately for the past 8 years. Aiming to achieve financial and narrative equity within the TV industry for African American professional writers. By facilitating career-advancing opportunities,  they have worked to achieve equality for black artists, executives and representatives in the industry. The merger aims to amplify the impact of these two groups and attain greater inclusion and opportunity, with the intention to help remove any barriers that have historically been in place. Moving forward, the organisations will act under the banner “The Black TV & Film Collective” and will provide support, mentorship and networking for members.

“We are operating at the forefront of leveraging digital technologies. To train, connect and empower Black creatives from around the globe”.

The Black TV & Film Collective will begin serving the Los Angeles and New York regions. With plans to open hubs across other major U.S cities and the world. In conjunction with the launch, a fundraiser effort to raise $1 million to finance initiatives for the merger. The funding will enable The Black TV & Film Collective to hire a full-time executive director/CEO, launch a showrunner school, develop digital training courses, and launch new animation and post-production editing partnerships.

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