Adele’s 30 is the Year’s Fastest Selling Album

Adele just can’t escape the spotlight this month, and all for the right reasons.


Adele’s latest album 30 has become the fastest-selling album of 2021 in the UK and US. Selling over 660,000 equivalent album units to date. To this, we are not surprised, only congratulatory.

The album was released on Friday the 19th of November. It reached its status that Sunday. The albums lead single “Easy on Me” claimed status of its own, remaining at number one on the UK singles chart for six consecutive weeks. The Official Charts say Adele has been the only female act to reach number one with three or more studio albums. She continued this success with 30, cementing her fourth number one studio album.

Being such an astounding body of work, it’s difficult to believe it hasn’t yet trumped the success of her third album 25. The 2015 release remains her most successful to date. Having sold 800,000 copies in the UK and 3.3 million in the US and became the fastest-selling album of all time (in the US and UK).

Why did 30 hit so hard?

Adele told American Vogue the album was her way of explaining her recent divorce to her son. It became a means of introspective question-answering to both herself and her son. The record-breaking artist wanted to take accountability for her divorce and says she doesn’t consider it a “divorce album”. It was about “me divorcing myself” she explains. The BBC has since reviewed the album, declaring an “emotionally bewildered” Adele “at the top of her game”.

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