“Teach the Future”: Students Demand Education on Climate Change

Young people rally for the climate crisis to be taught in all UK schools in the first student-written bill. 

Credit: Grist

Across the globe, young people are at the forefront of demanding action on climate change. Through youth-run movements like ‘School Strikes 4 Climate’ and ‘Teach the Future’, young people are fighting to be heard by those in power. Governments have continued to fail the youth since climate change was declared “potentially the greatest global environmental challenge facing mankind”

Now, students are taking policymaking into their own hands.

Credit: Evening Standard

Youths Are Taking Control 

Nadia Whittome, the youngest member of UK parliament, is set to present the first student-written bill that proposes climate education in schools. The bill was drafted by 17-year-old Scarlett Westbrook and members of the ‘Teach the Future’ movement in an attempt to prepare the youth for their inevitable future.

“We need to ensure climate education is no longer exclusive to those who take optional subjects or briefly glazed over, but instead centred in all subjects as we will all be impacted by this crisis.”

If successful, teachers across the United Kingdom would be required to obtain qualifications in climate education. Fortunately, the bill has already gained support from several parliament members including Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

COP26 Failure

Meanwhile, the leaders of the world met in Glasgow for COP26 to discuss their countries progress in combatting climate change. Unfortunately, many young people were left disappointed as hopes for 1.5 degrees before 2030 seems too good to be true.

Credit: New York Times

Following the conference, climate activist Greta Thunberg addressed a rally in Glasgow stating, “It is not a secret that COP26 is a failure. It should be obvious that we cannot solve a crisis with the same methods that got us into it in the first place.”

So, as leaders continue to make false promises, young people will stop at nothing to take back their future.

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