Kim Gordon Releases ‘Grass Jeans’ Single in Support of Pro-Choice Causes

The former Sonic Youth member is releasing her first solo single since 2019. All profits for the month of December will go toward ‘Fund Texas Choice’. This will be Kim Gordon’s second time this year supporting the charity. She recorded the song alongside band-mates Sarah Register, Camilla Charlesworth and Sterling Laws.

Kim Gordon Continues the Never-Ending Fight for a Woman's Right to Choose With 'Grass Jeans' - NewsBreak
Credit: Kim Gordon




The song comes straight off the heels of the Texas Heartbeat Act, before known as Senate Bill 8. The act defines an unborn child as a fetus or embryo at any stage of maturity. It allows civil lawsuits against any women in Texas seeking to have an abortion after carrying for over 6 weeks. This lawsuit also applies to anyone who assists in an act of abortion. The bill was officially placed by Texas Authorities on the 1st of September and is currently being challenged at The Supreme Court of the United States.

Kim Gordon is the former founder, bassist and vocalist for 1981’s Sonic Youth. However, the group permanently disbanded in 2011. Gordon has previously re-released Sonic Youth’s Live in Austin 1995 and Live in Dallas 2006 albums, with the proceeds subsequently going towards Fund Texas Choice as well. Similarly, Kim Gordon has also pledged support to other progressive causes, such as Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2020.

Gordon noted,

“I often get asked ‘Can music change things for people in a political landscape?’ Hell yes it can… but it takes a listener, an audience to make it anything.”

Pro-Choice Travel Network

Kim Gordon
Credit: Burak Cingi

Fund Texas Choice was formed in 2013. The organisation was previously known as Fund Texas Women. They created it in response to the closure of over 40 abortion clinics. These clinics were mainly in low-income and rural areas. It focuses on providing free transport to the people of Texas to abortion clinics. Above all, the Fund urges understanding about changes in law and women knowing their bodily rights. Furthermore, it currently advises against making assumptions about the Heartbeat Act and encourages knowing its exact rights and wording.

As the SCOTUS delays in making a decision on the Texas Heartbeat Act, the demand for clinics has not changed. In other words, the need for transport to clinics, now out of state, has become greater. FTC is currently accepting volunteers and continues to operate with the support of Kim Gordon and many other musicians dedicated to their beliefs.

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