Australia’s Yazmindi Evokes Powerful Melodies in “Avocade Latte”

Yazmindi navigates the complexities of moving away from home in new track, “Avocado Latte”.

Credit: Good Call Live

The authenticity that Yazmindi creates is unique. The hard-working multi-instrumentalist is a gifted singer-songwriter, having brought her music to festivals and venues across Australia and overseas.

This understated up and comer creates an authentic style thru diverse writing, with offbeat tracks about her mum running over her cat, to love songs about chocolate, teenage life and society.

“Avocado Latte” is a gorgeously evocative ode to Far-North Queensland.

The special, unbreakable connection between place and person comes together throughout, with captivating, undulating and far-reaching harmonies that allow her lyrics to flourish triumphantly.

Perfectly Evolved

Credit: Rock City Jester

Whether she’s performing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Woodford Folk Festival, or the local Byron Flea Market, her sound is far-reaching and perfectly evolved.

At the age of 12, she and released her first single. In 2014, she released her debut EP. Her quietly confident sounds pierce right through the heart, whisking you away to a dreamland of Yazmindi’s creation.

Her honest, evocative songwriting and sweet harmonies are reminiscent of previous iconic frontrunners Courtney Barnett, Missy Higgins, and Kimbra. Yazmindi says that “Avocado Latte” is,

“A love song for Far North Queensland which I wrote while working at a café in Melbourne, homesick! Raw and honest, a song straight from my heart, yet tongue in cheek teasers playing with Melbourne’s city stereotypes.

Throughout her career, Yazmindi consistently demonstrates a refreshing lack of pretence. Born in Cooktown, tropical North Queensland, Yazmindi moved to Melbourne in 2018.

Unable to return home since her relocation, she’s been busy using this time to explore the experience through music; translating hers into raw and powerful art.

Product of Collaboration

Credit: Soundcloud

Written in Melbourne and recorded in North Queensland, “Avocado Latte” is the product of collaboration with producer Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise). Yazmindi says of the recording experience,

“It was so special recording ‘Avocado Latte’ back home in North Queensland, surrounded by people I grew up with and love. I had always dreamed of producing music with Mark from growing up listening to his band’s music, The Middle East. Everything felt natural and flowed smoothly in the studio and I had so much fun bringing the final version to life, exactly as I had envisioned it, in my head and my heart.”

Yazmindi is proving herself to be an unstoppable force. Her unique and youthful delivery has the potential to lead the next generation of indie alternative, roots and country in a new direction.

Firmly proclaiming her artistry in the contemporary format, her repertoire expertly dances across genres. Yazmindi expertly explores the genres of pop, rock, and soul, with her distinct harmonica and stompbox sprinkled throughout.


The year 2022 is shaping up to be a watershed moment for the unstoppable Yazmindi.

She has set a goal of crowdfunding $10,000 (50 per cent) of the costs relating to album production costs.

She’ll also be performing live streams and concerts in support. Until then, we’ll be waiting anxiously to see where this force of nature will drive us all.

Streak Yazmindi’s “Avocado Latte” on Soundcloud:

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