Doja Cat Creates Interactive Music Video To Teach Coding

Doja Cat collaborates with the non-profit group ‘Girls Who Code’ to create an interactive music video for ‘Woman’. The project is the first code-able music video ever made. Viewers will learn code to change features of the video, such as characters nail colours and the size of falling petals.

An interactive Doja Cat music video can introduce you to programming - The Verge
Credit: Girls Who Code

Originally released as part of the Doja Cat album Her, the website gives viewers access to hidden content by using coding. As a result, ‘Woman’ will teach viewers the coding language basics of CSS, Javascript and Python. We use these for documentation and web writing (CSS), making websites and pages interactive (Javascript), and general development and visualization (Python). On the video experience, pauses mark when the viewer can interact with the video. A different coloured star during the pause marks each language. Yellow for CSS, blue for Javascript and pink for Python. The language changes the method used for the interaction.

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, became an internet sensation with her 2018 meme song ‘Mooo!’ Since then, she has seen her fair share of success and controversy. Her fame peaking with 2020’s hit ‘Say so’. ‘Woman’ was first featured on her 2021 album Planet Her, released on the 25th of June. Janelle Monáe directed the tracks music video, which also features artist Teyana Taylor. It takes inspiration from Micheal Jackson’s ‘Remember The Time’ to 2021’s release of Dune. In other words, the video is styled as a sci-fi space adventure.

Coding Doja Cat

Doja cat video
Credit: Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a non-profit organisation that encourages more women to get into computing and coding. They are one of the biggest and most prolific groups of their kind. They provide almost 500000 girls with courses focused on tech industries and have released 500 million resources for coding worldwide. The group recently ended their partnership with gaming giant Activision Blizzard over extreme accusations of sexism, harassment and a toxic work environment. Previously, Girls Who Code made a summer immersion program with the company.

Coding can be an alienating experience. Above all, it is truly like learning a new language, but instead of causing miscommunication, the entire computer crashes. A softer introduction to the industry, like Girls Who Code has done, will make a less infuriating experience for all newcomers inspired to start by Doja Cat’s involvement. It’s certainly more interesting than the usual dots and lines they give beginners to play with!

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