Filippa K X Stinarand: An Upcycle Collaboration For Circularity In Luxury Fashion

Filippa K is a Scandinavian brand with sustainability at its core. Stinarand is an unapologetically bold expression of shape and colour. The Filippa K X Stinarand collaboration is all of this and more.


The collaboration was born out of a natural match of values. Filippa K is a sustainable brand that pursues mindful solutions to modern fashion. The brand takes on the concept of circular fashion and delivers looks that are comfortable and stylish in equal measure. Stinarand, founded by Stina Randestad, is an emerging brand out of Stockholm. Stinarand fuses innovation, technology and craft to develop garments with a focus on material interest. The final products are vigorous and sculptural yet functional.

The Process

The collaboration commenced with the examination of second-hand Filippa K garments. Durability and vitality were measures in sourcing the optimum archival pieces as opposed to using recycled materials. By doing this, the pair were able to explore the idea of slow fashion through circularity. The selected items were reconstructed into six new garments. With the reconstruction process focusing on leveraging imperfections.

  • The Collage Cardigan: An oversized cardigan featuring collage patterning. The garment takes on Stinarand’s signature “stiff and stretchy” design.
  • The Mesh Dress: A statement floor-length straight silhouette dress. The Mesh Dress takes on three upcycled Filippa K dresses and two prototype garments using silk, satin, and triacetate.
  • The Layered Puffer: A solid black jacket with layers trimmed with blue and orange rope. Oversized is an understatement and makes it the puffer of all puffers.
  • The Wavy Knit: This piece again reflects Stinarand’s signature “stiff and stretchy” design. The garment flaunts a wavy structure, emphasized by metallic blue trimmings.
  • The Shirt Dress: A mini-dress with a semi-circle structured top and a slim skirt constructed from twelve upcycled Filippa K garments.
  • The Metallic Blazer: An oversized past-season Filippa K wool blazer. Reworked to be slightly fitted at the waist and embellished using metallic patterning.

The capsule collection aimed to refine beauty in fashion. Each garment is a vibrant example of where sustainable fashion can be taken in terms of colour and design.

Check out some of the pieces below:

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