The Best Ethical Australian labels Catering Beyond a Size 16

Some brands just tick all the boxes. 


Still to this day the fashion industry has been known for its discrimination against those above a size 16. And sometimes even a size 12, often seen in the luxury space. It’s a peculiar move for fashion labels considering that the average woman is a size 14-16. Meaning there is plenty of women that sit beautifully above a size 16. That’s a substantial market gap, to put it kindly.

Thankfully, labels like those we are about to list are moving the industry forward. Not only are they size-inclusive but environmentally conscious too. What more could we ask for?

Vagary The Label: A collection of beautiful, bohemian style patterns

Vagary The Label’s mission is centred around bringing a change to plus-size fashion. They wanted to design clothing patterns with different body shapes in mind rather than trying to fit patterns onto one straight size design. Their aim is to stay small and slow, helping to keep their sustainable and ethical standards true.

Size: 14 to 24

Dyspnea: If unicorns had a clothing line.

Credit: Dyspenea

Born in 2013 in the wee hours of the morning was the sparkle and spectacle, Dyspnea. Yes, Dyspnea. The perfect name for designs that aim to take peoples breath away, thought owners Jam and Rach. The label goes one step further in its offerings by providing made-to-order styles in any size to suit any measurements. Sent in 4-6 weeks with no wastage. How amazing!

Sizes XS to 4XL and custom.

Vege Threads: Ethically-made everyday wear

The brand Vege Threads is manufactured entirely from a small town in South Australia. The label takes its ethical standards and manufacturing practices very seriously, with a strict focus on organic and eco-friendly materials. Dyes are used in limited numbers. All garments can easily be worn time and time again for their quality and minimalistic style.

Size: XS to 3XL

Just Babes Club (JBC): “Size does not dictate sex-appeal”

Credit: JBC
Just Babes Club is a body positive and inclusive label that hand-produces sexy, unique and comfortable garments. They offer free custom fitting for those who are unsure what size or fit is best for them to ensure everyone leaves feeling like a “total godamm babe”. Their garments come in a range of styles to suit every personality and occasion.

Size: 6 to 20/XS to XXL band size and A to H cup sizes

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