Are We Getting a Sequel to Queer Romcom ‘Happiest Season’?

The American comedy-drama film Happiest Season is set to see a sequel. But at this stage, it may just be talk and tease.


The original film, released in November last year, explores the range of emotions that come with being in a queer relationship over the festive season. The film directed by Clea DuVall stars Kirsten Stewart (Abby) and Mackenzie Davis (Harper). The romcom successfully snatched a ripe opportunity for a queer festival film, helping to bring some much-needed balance to the mass of heterosexual Christmas films.

The story unfolds when Harper invites Abby for Christmas with her family in her hometown. This prompts Abby to want to propose to Harper in front of her parents. But soon later, Harper reveals she has yet to tell her parents not only of the relationship but that she is in fact gay.

The holiday rom-com left us with unfinished business between characters Riley, played by Aubrey Plaza and Abby. The film shows the pairs undeniable chemistry that has yet to be explored. This means the grounds are green for a sequel in its “very early stages” to flourish.

Plaza recently hinted on Tik Tok “There’s gonna be another one,” she says. “Um, yeah! Because my character deserves love too.” Any further information about the potential sequel have yet to be announced.

Watch the trailer for Happiest Season below:

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