Instagram’s Chronological Feed is Coming Back

Things are back in order.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri took to Instagram stories to answer FAQs about the change. CREDIT: THE VERGE

It was June 2016 when the photo-sharing platform Instagram, decided to mess with social order. Meaning, they decided to display posts in an algorithmic format rather than in natural chronological order. This format was Instagram’s attempt at curating a more personalised experience for the user, but it failed. Many users disliked the new approach and have wanted a change-back ever since. Thank goodness, we are finally getting it.

Earlier this month, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri spoke in a hearing before a Senate subcommittee. He stated the platform is working on a format that would reintroduce chronological order to our Instagram feeds. A change that they are planning to implement early next year. The change is in response to the widespread user dislike over the current algorithmic format which doesn’t allow for posts to be viewed in a timely matter.

“We want to give people meaningful control over their experience”

Instagram wants people to feel as though they have options and decisions on how they view and use the platform. We are “providing people with more choices so they can decide what works best for them – not switching everyone back to a chronological feed.” Instagram explained.

Additional Changes

During the hearing, it was also said that the company body would be receiving input from parents, regulators, and civil society, to develop universal standards and protections. This they hope would help address the growing concern for the child and teenage safety on the platform. The day prior to the hearing, the platform also introduced a new “Take a Break” feature. An addition that aims to prompt users to take periodical breaks from the app. In closing the hearing, Senator Richard Blumenthal referred to Mosseri’s suggestions as “underwhelming”. “That ain’t gonna save kids from the addictive effects … of your platform,” he closed.

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