Lisa of BLACKPINK Named First Global Ambassador for CELINE Haute Parfumerie

After becoming a global sensation in K-POP girl group ‘BLACKPINK’, Lisa has stepped into the realm of high fashion.

Credit: Paper Magazine

From the Stage to the Runway

Only a few days ago, Lalisa Manobalm (known by her avid fans as Lisa) made her first-ever runway appearance in CELINE’s Summer 22’ collection. Now, the Thai rapper/singer has landed her newest role as ambassador for the CELINE Haute Perfumerie collection.

Lisa has been partners with the French fashion house since 2019 when she was the face of their ready-to-wear accessory line. Following her selection, Lisa is the first global ambassador the brand has ever had.

Credit: Fragrantica

“For me, scent is a single drop that can make emotions and feelings become more vivid or even ambiguous. There are times when I want to be deeply immersed in my emotions – whether this means being depressed or excited. When I layer in scent, emotions and feelings become much stronger.”

Lisa and BLACKPINK – Where It Began

Lisa came into the spotlight after joining BLACKPINK in 2016 alongside Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé. Since forming, the group grew a huge fanbase and broke several Guinness World Records, including being the most-subscribed band on YouTube with 60 million subscribers.

Credit: SDG Advocates

Over the years, BLACKPINK has racked up a total of 262 nominations for their music and won 84 awards including the People’s Choice ‘Group of 2019’ Award.

The band has broken the mould of traditional Western pop music and continues to show the creativity that K-POP has to offer.

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