Fashion Trend Forecast For 2022

Art-driven. Safari. Avant-garde. 


With 2022 as our portal out of lockdowns, it is going to be a joyous year ahead. We have never been more ready to shake off the loungewear and above-the-waist dressing for a full head-to-toe look. The overarching theme of the year will be experimentation and joyful self-expression. We will be leaning into resale pieces and rentable wardrobes as a means to shop more ethically and brands will do their best to accommodate. To inspire your personal style, here are the treading trends for the year coming.


We may be kicking the real fur to the curb (thank god) but the patterns aren’t going anywhere. Zebra, cowhide, and abstract prints are serving as statement pieces for the year ahead.

Flats are favourable

Ballet flats, loafers and tech shoes will be a favourite in 2022. Turns out our work-from-home slippers and socks have made us soft. We can no longer bear to wear the heels. And for those unfamiliar,  a tech shoe is similar to a gumboot or a clog in the materials involved and their sporty practicality.


2021 inspired us to get a little more inventive in the way we dress. Despite being stuck inside, social platforms like TikTok allowed us to continue dressing up for the pure enjoyment of it. We are now taking this innovative and experimental approach to fashion into the new year and beyond. Out from behind the lens and into the real world. How exciting!

Credit: Mamamia

Personal touches

One-of-a-kind, one-off and personalised pieces are no new desire, but they will be amplified in 2022. Creative cut-outs, architectural jewellery, and unique, artsy prints will be a popular choice in taking tailored outfits to the next level.

Shopping small, slow and sustainable

Again, shopping sustainably is no new revelation. But now more than ever we will be conscious. Voting with our dollar, shopping from small and local sources, and choosing slow over fast fashion giants. Following the COP21 conference, company’s will be under the pump to deliver higher sustainability standards. It is in their favour that consumers are creating an even greater demand for these practices in 2022.

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