Driftwood Drops New Single, “Bremfields” feat. UK’s Still Greedy

Multi-disciplinary artist Driftwood. drops a remarkable new single Bremfields, feat. British rapper Still Greedy.

Credit: YouTube

Fiercely independent and intriguingly enigmatic,  Driftwood. proves time over that he’s one to watch. His new track, “Bremfields” is a thought-provoking number. This glowing addition to this growing artist’s impressive discography is out now, with a stunning, self-directed music video.

Creative Arcs

“Bremfields” evokes Kanye West at his most exciting and innovative. Classic Ye albums “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and “Yeezus” both show their influences in the electronic/RnB stylings of Driftwood.

During the creation of this song, Bremfields refreshes us with his unique sound. It features backing vocals from platinum-selling, ARIA nominated Reigan Derry (Snoop Dog, Jay Z, Neo) and receives spectacular production courtesy of Dan Vinci (Big Nasty).

The track is full of creative arcs, with its synths spiking in unexpected moments. Meanwhile, Driftwood. and Still Greedy’s vocals provide the smooth melodic, rhythmic anchor.

“This single is about breaking the fourth wall.”

Driftwood explains. Speaking on the otherworldly inspiration behind the song, he continues,

It’s about the idea that there could be subterranean energies and other factors operating within other paradigms of consciousness. It’s about feeling like I’m trapped within this paradigm, and I don’t belong here… The one thing I love about art is I have a licence to explore ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem.”

The Perfect Representation

Credit: YouTube

The clip is the perfect visual representation of this exchange and exploration of energy and ideas. Slow, deliberate shots of bodies moving purposefully in the just-risen, just-set sunlight pepper throughout claustrophobic shots of darkly lit bars and eerie cliff faces, one step away from oblivion.

It’s a beautiful triumph, by an artist completely in charge of his own vision. As Driftwood. explains, “I direct and edit all my videos now. I came up with the idea and the aesthetic behind the visual as well. They represent the ebb and flow, the push and pull, the yin and yang of energies which are manifested within the material universe… My creative team is small, but we get it done.  Too many bodies f*ck up the flow and a lot of the time are unnecessary for what I am trying to accomplish.”

These are wise words from an artist who’s been in the game for long enough to know what works on screen. 

No-one Has a Monopoly on Art

To be so immune to the chaos and noise of the modern music industry and so completely, totally immersed in one’s art is no mean feat. Driftwood does it all with ease.  He offers more wisdom on the subject as he reflects,

“I’m just an artist creating pieces of work I want to create and doing it independently.  I’m not signed to a major record deal, and up until late last year, I did everything on my own, with the help of a few friends, and without any backing.  You don’t need to be signed, or in the cool crowd to create what you want to create.  No one has a monopoly on art.”

Bremfields ft. Still Greedy is out now. Check out the clip below:

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