Eternal Icon of Haute Couture Thierry Mugler Dies at 73

Eternal Icon of Haute Couture Thierry Mugler Dies at 73.

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The news of Thierry Mugler’s sudden death, at the age of 73, sent a ripple wave of shock and devastation through the Western hemisphere. The news became public knowledge on his Instagram account on Sunday, January 22nd, 2022. A black image with the caption: “May his soul Rest In Peace.” Countless comments, from celebrities such as Australia’s Kylie Minogue, thanking Mugler for “welcoming us into your dreams.” Kim Kardashian sent her condolences and reminisced his view that “beauty will save the world”. She continued to thank him for the beauty and magic he brought to his redefinition of Couture. He died from natural causes in Vincennes, France.

The Rise of Mugler

The French fashion designer ‘Manfred Thierry Mugler,’ was born in 1948, December 21st, in Strasbourg, France. He initially pursued his inner passion for art through ballet, as a member of the ‘Opera du Rhin’. In his early twenties he immediately captured the public eye upon moving to Paris where he sold his unique drawings to ready-to-wear brands. He designed his first line in 1973 titled “Café de Paris,” and in 1974 partnered with Alain Caradeuc to launch the “Thierry Mugler” house. His avant-garde pieces gained immediate attention for their dramatic structures and eccentricity. His brand redefined Haute Couture collections, with a vision unapologetically unique and a zest for creating pieces that pushed the boundaries of the ordinary.

An Unforgettable Redefinition of Haute Couture

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Thierry Mugler’s creations extend beyond the definition of dramatic, with his outrageously bold and unusual designs. He creates an ‘architectural’ and ‘futuristic’ style through large shoulder pads, a cinched waist and cones protruding from fabrics.

To add to this robotic and futuristic aesthetic he utilized plastic-like fabric in his collection. This created three-dimensional effects that challenged the parameters of design. He created costumes for stage exhibits, live performances and operas. His brand grips the eyes of flamboyant eccentrics, transforming what it means to design with limitless possibility. He takes ‘the world is your runway’ mantra to an extreme. Famously stating that he was looking for something that didn’t exist...” His boundary-pushing designs create a unique world, inspiring designers to be beautifully bizarre, outrageously brave and glamorous. His work is worn by countless celebrities, with former clients including Madonna, Beyonce, David Bowie, Diana Ross, and Kim Kardashian, who deeply admired his work.

The Legacy of Thierry Mugler

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Throughout his career, he proved to be a multi-faceted, talented icon that excelled in genres of film, photography, perfumery, dance, acrobat, and body-building. After retiring in 2003, he continued to collaborate with prominent artists, making the unthinkable a reality. He left a legacy to be bold without fear, design without limits, and imagine beyond the stars.

“I have dedicated my life to the most beautiful animal on earth: the human being.”   

Manfred Thierry Mugler

Rest In Peace Manfred Thierry Mugler.

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