FIB Film Premiere: Who Is Zendaya?

Fashion Industry Broadcast drops new short, “Who is Zendaya?” At the tender age of only 25, Zendaya is becoming something of a global sensation. With over 53 million Instagram followers, her rise to fame is one to watch.

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

Those of us who follow red carpet fashions are already aware of her Vivienne Westwood moment at the 2015 Oscars. Her Tom Ford breastplate look from the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2020 is one to remember. Plus, her cascade of high-fashion looks throughout the Dune promo trail. She’s holding our gaze on her modern style. Zendaya crosses the boundaries of entertainer and is fast becoming a fashion icon.

A star is Born

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

On September 1, 1996, a star is born in Oakland, California. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, daughter of an African-American father and a German-Scottish mother. The gen Z star is turning people’s heads with her choice of work; from modelling to acting and releasing hit singles, she’s a protean celebrity with an array of talents. Zendaya’s persona, however, is often under scrutiny.

Talking to Variety, Zendaya says,

“For me, it’s that I never really got to know who I was without work. I’ve always been working…

“I was like, ‘What makes me happy? What do I like to do other than work? Do I have any hobbies’? I basically get to do my hobby for a living. So it’s like, ‘What else do I even like?’ Facing that was interesting for sure.”

Fashion Role Model

Zendaya’s journey is inspiring. She stands out for her unique appearance, becoming a fashion role model for females all over the world. Zendaya has made the notoriously difficult transition from child star to actor and musician. Then, a switch of pace to activist for women’s rights, author, and philanthropist.

The more famous Zendaya has become, the more often she has been scrutinized over her persona; having to overcome adversity and racial discrimination since she was a child.

Zendaya defines herself as a feminist, demonstrating her support for women’s rights at the Women’s March in Washington in January 2017. She uses her social platforms to address racial justice, bullying, body shaming, and bullying, as well as voting. The star also supports the Black Lives Matter movement, participating in the George Floyd protests in June 2020; and Patrisse Cullors’ efforts to share anti-racism resources and media.

Zendaya is a transformative young star, crossing TV, fashion, and film, destined to be the biggest Hollywood actress on the planet.Not only she is an inspiring and strong personality, but she is undoubtedly beautiful. She’s surely a star who deserves every ounce of her own success.

Check out FIB’s short, “Who is Zendaya?” below:

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