The power of Tik Tok Micro-Influencers: Fashion Brands and Industry Trends

Looking for the next season trends? Try skimming Tik Tok. 

Credit: YouTube, posted by Sarah Betts

Fashion houses and magazines still influence what’s trending in fashion. The batten, however, currently sits with the micro-influencer. Fashion leaders are no longer the sole dictators of what is ‘next’ in fashion. Everybody now has access to a platform, and arguably, the potential to have a more significant influence. We are now seeking muse from social media platforms like Tik Tok rather than the traditional pages of magazines. Sourcing style inspiration from the individuals rather than a collective.

Tik Tok clocks in at over 1 billion global users. It employs an algorithm that makes it ‘easier’ for people to go viral and garner attention (for now). People who pose ‘clothing hauls’ and ‘what I wear/wore’ compilations can now show off their unique style to a wider audience. Subsequently, strengthening the concept of the trend-less fashion industry with self-expressional dressing. Fashion lovers are now given a chance to draw style stimuli outside of brands and editorials and get a broader understanding of what is conceivable in fashion.

Why do people prefer micro?

Credit: Daily Front Row

Micro-influencers have a power that macro and mega-influencers cannot articulate. The micro category is small but mighty, and their strength comes from authenticity. This influencer category usually sits around 10,000-50,000 followers, which is significantly smaller than the mega-influencers who boast over 1 million followers. However, the mega-influencer can fall short in their ability to maintain the tight-knit community of dedicated followers that micro-influencers tend to have. This is where and how the micro-influencer becomes mega-influential. Audiences tend to develop a deep trust with micro-influencers because they feel part of their community and feel heard within that community.


“If you’re that sort of micro-influencer, under the 100,000 follower mark, you’re still seen as more authentic,”

Tama Leaver, professor of internet studies at Curtin University


Why do brands love them?

Credit: TRIBE’S influencer

Brands are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to market their clothes to consumers. For brands, working with influencers on social platforms like Tik Tok means they are exactly that. Tik Tok provides a platform that users can be creative and self-expressive with their content, allowing them to collaborate uniquely with brands. No two users are the same, meaning no two advertisements are the same. Favourably, brands are provided with a constant stream of fresh and innovative promotions. What’s more, these advertisements are getting directly in front of consumers who might not have a solid connection to the brand yet, but do so with the micro-influencer they’re collaborating with. This helps to strengthen the direct brand to consumer connection while selling more products.

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