Kim Kardashian has been announced as the new face of Balenciaga.  And it all happened in less than a month after Ye announced his three-way collaboration with Demma and GAP. Seems like, Kimberly and Kanye West have got equal custody of Dema Gvasalia in their divorce.

Credit: i-D

Balenciaga house is playing more explicitly, with the principles of celebrity and entertainment. They have cast Justin Bieber in three of their campaigns and have collaborated with The Simpsons – while its creative director iconises himself on a first-name basis. Whereas, the decision to cast Kim marks a change of perspective in the fashion house’s approach.

The social media mogul joins Isabelle Huppert, Tommy Blue, and Justin Bieber in the latest Balenciaga campaign. It captures “friends of the brand” at their homes and workplaces. This is Kardashian’s first fashion campaign since 2014, when she modelled for Balmain’s SS15 collection alongside her then-husband, Kanye West.

Look Transformed

Over the years, the brand’s Instagram feed is a jigsaw of photos. The subjects are pale, sullen artists and dour, Victorian-looking Berlin scene-kids. But more recent seasons see the label’s look transformed by megawatt, high-octane cameos.

Kardashian is photographed in her Calabasas home for the Spring 2022 campaign. Wearing Demna’s latest and finest, Kardashian appears in her natural habitat throughout the campaign. She’s on display in a vaguely meta way, highlighting her well-known, public persona. From lounging comfortably on a couch, snapping a selfie, wearing fine coats and bags, the star looks ready to head out to some kind of Kardashian-worthy event.

Credit: Hypebeast

Since 2007, Kardashian has made moves to increase her credibility. From Skechers model in 2007 to diet products, makeup, jewellery and every product in between. Balenciaga is a mark of Kim Kardashian’s long road towards global notoriety.

Kim Kardashian perfects the newest Balenciaga campaign with utmost style. Posing in a skin-tight jumpsuit, she highlights the luxury fashion house’s ‘it’ bag, Le Cagole; resulting in searches for specific clothes and accessories featured in the campaign to skyrocket in a matter of hours. Kim K.,  is now pursuing a career as a lawyer. She shows us with this latest Balenciaga accomplishment, however, that she remains a cover-worthy woman.

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