Flying Solo – Emerging Sydney Label, ANICIC, NYFW Debut

ANICIC pushes diversity and sustainability throughout New York’s largest display of independent designers during NYFW FW22. Swedish designer Anna Anicic’s philosophy is to be modern, self-actualising, and experimental; with a focus on environmental responsibility and diversity.

Credit: Fashion Week Online

Flying Solo held its Fall presentation during the final weekend of NYFW. Four hundred looks, showcased by eighty-seven designers hailed from twenty different countries. It is the highest number of designers in a single event of the 2022 NYFW winter season.

Among them is ANICIC, an independent Sydney label, making its New York Fashion Week (NYFW) debut. Its latest collection pushes the boundaries of diversity and sustainability. It draws its inspiration from the beginnings of the Earth, a future utopia.

ANICIC has eight looks in Flying Solo NYFW (the largest display of independent fashion designers during NYFW). “Dopamine Goth”, ANICIC’s ‘neo-couture’ collection, is created especially for NYFW.

Core Beliefs

ANICIC channels the values and beliefs of its Founder and Creative Director, Anna Anicic. “Dopamine Goth” is edgy, dark, glossy, and playful.

Ancic explains that “ANICIC aims empower every person to be their true selves, even in the face of adversity. It was therefore important to me that the collection displayed at New York Fashion Week was modelled by male, female and non-binary models of different races,”

Within her range, Ancic champions central themes of diversity, gender fluidity, sustainability, and vegan, cruelty-free production. She continues,

“ANICIC challenges mainstream body and gender norms. The clothing is contemporary, self-actualising, and experimental, re-writing what it means to be masculine or feminine by experimenting with silhouettes and re-imagined proportions.”

All materials in the collection are from Sydney – all-natural, vegan, biodegradable or end of the line. The fabrics include vegan silk, organic linen and cotton.

A Future Utopia

The NYFW presentation draws inspiration from the beginnings of the Earth. Many of its design elements takes notes from the ocean and its inhabitants. The silhouettes comprise soft, feminine loungerie shapes, meeting sharp, masculine cuts. The colours, inspired by acidic lakes, lava, corals and bacterial formations are made using non-toxic cold-water dyes. This creates unique, shibori-style prints. Vintage glass beads, crystals and ocean-safe plexi are used throughout.

NYFW22 | Credit: supplied
NYFW22 | Credit: supplied
NYFW22 | Credit: supplied

Self-Actualising and Experimental

ANICIC rewrites what it means to be masculine or feminine by experimenting with silhouettes and futuristic proportions. As an advocate for better and more innovative ways to combine style and passion, ANICIC never uses animal-derived materials in its clothing. All fabrics are locally sourced and are either degradable, end of the line, or reclaimed.

Anna focuses on the issue of animal exploitation and resources, particularly fast fashion. She deeply commits herself to developing a sustainable and socially active brand. Her aim, is for these values to stretch across the entire industry. Ancic elaborates,

“Fashion brands have the opportunity and influence to act on many different fronts, from pushing for racial diversity and sustainability to representing queerness and different body types”

Ethical Methods

Credit: SANVT

ANICIC doesn’t use materials from animals in its clothing. An advocate for better and more innovative methods, ANICIC leads with research. The clothes are handmade, with ethical production methods to order locally in Sydney. ANCIC uses vegan, biodegradable, organic, recycled, or end of line materials alongside best practice sustainability methods. Leftover materials never go to waste and are used to produce accessories as part of SHREDS. Ancic says,

“To think that ANICIC is only in its infancy and has displayed at New York Fashion Week demonstrates the demand from people today for ethical, diverse and sustainable clothing. The opportunity to show the collection, but more importantly the values ANICIC stands for, is only the beginning of ANICIC pushing its agenda”.

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