Fashion TikTok Accounts to Follow – Now

If you haven’t found your fashion fix on Tik Tok yet, here are some of the best accounts to follow right now- for whatever you’re looking for.

Credit: Vogue

If you haven’t yet received the memo, Tik Tok is where you now find fashion. High fashion, street fashion, trends, and fiascos- all of it. The not-so-new social media platform is the new trend-setting forum where there is something for whatever you’re looking for. It’s bringing less curation, meaning unrestricted creation in which influencers are taking advantage.


Traditional fashion rules are getting broken, boundaries are being pushed, and we are all here for the glorious ride. Who knew there was so much to say for self-made bedroom fashion shows? However, if you are new to the space of fashion Tik Tok, here are eight good places to start.  



Maximalism: @saracamp

Credit: Tik Tok


Sarah Camposarcone will burst onto your Tik Tok feed like a carnival. Suitable to her name @saracamp style, is, in fact, camp. Her bio reads “sustainable maximalist”, which is impressive as the two concepts rarely go hand in hand. But here is Sara, not just pulling it off, but blowing us out of the water with extraordinary, and dare I say, grandma chic fits.


The Realest: @remibader


Credit: Medium

If you’re looking for accurate clothing haul’s, Remi is the most real. Her personality is fun and lovable, and her take on clothing hauls is hilarious- laughing with her, not at her. She buys, tries and verdicts outfits- often, the clothes require no commentary- they speak for themselves. She is proof that buying clothes online may not always go to plan…



The Critic: @hautelemode 

Credit: Teen Vogue


Haute Le Mode, aka Luke Meagher, is a fashion critic and a treasure trove of knowledge regarding all things fashion. He critics the latest fashion moments from the first Monday in May and every other event on the fashion calendar. He will take you behind the scenes of the fashion industry, dissecting outfits, trends, styles, and brands to uncover the truth- the good, the bad and the ugly.


Not a mummy-blogger: @valerialipovetsky

Credit: The Sun


Valeria may be a mummy and blogger but is, by no stretch, a mummy blogger. Her channel is a mix of street fashion, clothing hauls and, yes, I will admit, some husband and kiddie cameos too. While the self-classified mom-in-chief may be so, this woman radiates chic older sister vibes- with a closet of Chanel.


The OG: @_yanyanchan

Credit: Tik Tok

Yan Yan Chan is a long-time fashion blogger, photographer, producer, creative director, and stylist. She’s now a fellow Sydneysider but was born in China, which translates to very cool fashion and content. She is uber-cool, and her creative pursuits are indeed something to watch.



Celebrating Six Decades: @lisa_corbo 

Credit: Tik Tok


The self-proclaimed empowerment stylist- Lisa Corbo, has just hit her sixties but doesn’t look a day over forty. Her unapologetic approach makes us love her even more, and so too, her style that you can’t really put a pin in and is even harder to predict.


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