Julius Black – Together We Go Down In The Dark

tmrw calls it “Fresh and exciting… Worthy of its own genre.” Julius Black continually focuses on a place that is both fresh and immediately accessible, fusing alt-pop experimentalism with a curiosity for cosmic themes and ’60s-tinged melodies.

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Only 21-years-old and Julius Black is already being compared to some of the biggest tastemakers in the business, including Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, Phoebe Bridgers and The Beach Boys. Fluent with his alt-pop sound, his latest EP is experimental with a touch of grit- all nicely balanced with some sneaky 60’s inspired melodies. The production developed alongside producer Struan Finlay and writer Joe Faris, hones in on a space that’s both fresh and immediately accessible. It is the halfway house between intimate bedroom pop and some of the off-kilter sonics deployed in Kanye West’s more melodic moments.


“I wanted to make this project darker and sinister, but make the music more major and brighter.  The EP is about a hero who slowly descends into madness and becomes a villain after falling into a crazy toxic relationship. Musically, I became obsessed with The Beatles. I love the sound of the mellotron and cool creative panning effects, and felt super inspired to do my own version of something like that”.

-Julius Black


A Sombre Story

Credit: Amnplify

Following the release of singles ‘Do You Still Dream?’ and ‘Boomerang’ is his new EP, ‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’ along with its title track and new single. The EP, in part, holds the truth of a more troubling personal experience – making it all particularly emotive. It proceeds to narrate the story of a relationship downturn, as it goes from light to dark. The opener ‘Red Flags’ through to the closing track- ‘Cellophane’, tells a tale of innocence. Of head-in-the-clouds love that turns chaotic in its time before ending completely.  The track ‘Cellophane’- where it all ends, is an enquiry into how one person can simultaneously inspire infatuation and despair. Overall, a sombre story that is kept light with buoyant melodies.


“‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’ is about the chaos that comes with addiction (to a lover, a substance, an ambition). At first it’s a beautiful thing: you’ll let them in with open arms. Then you rely on the kick, let your boundaries slip, and you’re a soon a slave to the feeling.”

Julius Black


The Verdict

As I began listening to the album, I was truthfully unsure of how I felt. It wasn’t long, however, before I was deep into relishing the blend of nostalgic Beatles-inspired melodies and front-line sounds. The ‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’ EP has rightfully assisted in Black’s rapidly growing acclaim.


‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Red Flags’
  2. ‘Do You Still Dream?’’
  3. ‘Boomerang’
  4. ‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’
  5. ‘Cellophane’

Have a listen below:

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