Drella: This Andy Warhol-inspired Singer Songwriter is a Hybrid of Cinderella and Dracula

Up-and-coming Australian singer-songwriter Drella has just released his debut single, Until the Morning. If you’re a fan of funk-infused pop a la The Preatures or Chet Faker then you’re probably going to dig Drella’s sound. The vocal delivery is interesting and weaves an interesting path between lower, raspy registers and a higher cutting falsetto.

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Growing up in his native Macedonia, Drella showed interest in music from a young age. He would sing often, with bands playing in restaurants. Influenced by artists like Michael Hutchence and Prince, he developed his musical style and cites more modern influences like Tame Impala and The 1975. However, perhaps the most apt comparison is with the great Minnesotan performer, as his style and delivery share a fair bit in common with the High Priest of Pop.

When the circumstances around the pandemic brought him home, he was issued a challenge by his brother: to write a song every day. This lead to him further developing his sound. Before adopting the name Drella he’d worked with other artists, penning songs for them, and worked with Sweden’s The Wolf Cousins. Until the Morning is our first taste of these writing sessions, with more forthcoming.

Why Drella?

Credit: The Guardian

The name Drella is taken from an art book, where he discovered the first use of the name. It was Lou Reed’s nickname for Andy Warhol. It’s a portmanteau of Dracula and Cinderella. This is reflective of the contradictions in the music.

Speaking about his artist name, Drella reveals:

“I loved that so much – I just love the idea that two opposite things make so much sense together. I’ve always felt a little bit that way as well and I feel like that describes my music too – there are a lot of different elements that you wouldn’t think work together, but they do”.

Until the Morning

This duality can be heard on Until the Morning. The vocals are never stagnant, ever changing and shifting throughout the track. With the funky production complimenting the vocal delivery perfectly, at the end of the track it’s easy to see the Dracula/Cinderella comparison – at times a sultry, late-night jam, its inherent joy also manages to shine through.

Talking about the trackDrella explains:

“I started writing Until The Morning in my room, and then I got with my two music partners Dylan Bauld and Sam Watters to finish it. I love the way the minimal alt/funk production challenges my vocals creating a push and pull effect in the song. Once the song was complete, I bought Grey Ghost in to direct the video with me and he really killed it. The video makes the song feel complete. It was the first video we collaborated on and I can’t wait to see what we do next.”

What’s Next for Drella?

Drella’s first EP will be dropping later this year. The artist is touting it as a look into his soul, revealing more about him as a person, and taking the veil off him as an artist. If you’re a fan of the single, then the EP will definitely be worth a look.

Check out Drella’s first single Until the Morning below:

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