Do you know the Pisces symbol is a visual metaphor for “interesting times”?… How appropriate.

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It’s March, Pisces season, and the second month of the Lunar Water Tiger Year. What does this all mean? From now until January 31, 2023, creativity, deep insights, and innovation will be common themes. It’s a time to welcome change and transition.

Key themes: Creativity, releasing, and letting go of old habits and important projects.


Aries, Elton John | Credit: Billboard

– Rest, closure, and emotional processing will take place now until March 20.

– Whatever you’re doing, you want to pace yourself to avoid burnout.

– This is your annual period of personal reflection so embrace feeling, healing, and contemplating.

– This is a slate-clearing cycle for you.

– During this time of introspection, expect some major epiphanies about what you want next.

– No retrogrades mean your intuition will return stronger than ever along with your manifesting abilities.

– On March 6, life ramps up again. Socially you will be booked, and everything gets way more fun.



Taurus, Megan Fox | Credit: The Independent

– Your social life will buzz from now until March 20. Your steam may run out after that.

– Get back in contact with helpful connections.

– Your career zone will stay hot for the entire month.

– Your socialising could lead to new work opportunities, so in this case, mixing business and pleasure is acceptable.

– Rest up before your birthday Taurus!



Gemini, Kayne West | Credit: Complex

– Do you have any power moves you need to make? Now’s the time to make them.

– Your house of career and prestige will heat up, so now is not the time for hibernating or sitting on ideas.

– No retrogrades mean nothing is in your way this month!

– Get ready for a month of growth and adventure, and even the opportunity to travel, teach and learn.

– Embrace expansion and broad-minded thinking

– Get ready to reconnect with fellow collaborators and friends.



Cancer, Ariana Grande | Credit: NBC News

– Adventure is coursing through your veins this month.

– You will be inspired to take risks, so get out of your comfort zone whenever possible.

– Try something new or book some travel. Whatever it is that will give you a fresh perspective right now is a good idea!

– Find what ignites your curiosity and internal fire.

– Your career zone may be fast-tracked from March 20. Start mapping out your long-term goals- the work you put in will pay off.



Leo, Mick Jagger | Credit: British GQ

– This month, you’re navigating introspective waters

– Expect to be more introverted this month- processing emotions and diving into complex projects.

– Embrace this and be sure to make time away from crowds.

– There will be a focus on long-term wealth, so your attention could turn to investments or joint ventures.

– From March 6, a coupling could be on the horizon.

– The next 4 weeks will focus on travel, education and entrepreneurial undertakings.



Virgo, Keanu Reeves | Credit: Vogue

– Harmony will now be regained in your interpersonal relationships.

– Now is an exciting time for joining forces, potential long-distance

– From March 20, potential connections could turn official.

– Focus on balance within your important relationships.

– From March 6, make clarity your word. Avoid any grey areas and keep communication running.



Libra, Serena Williams | Credit: Vanity Fair

– Do you feel the urge to spring clean? It’s a time of health and organisation for you.

– No retrogrades mean your efforts to move forward with a project or plan should be seamless now.

– Now is an excellent time to step into the spotlight, get dressed up and flirt a little. A love interest may be on the horizon.

– If you are already coupled, your relationship bond may find harmony and equality again.

– Could your life be improved in certain areas? This month is ideal for making solid advances.



Scorpio, Drake | Credit: People

– From now until March 20, romance, glam and creativity will be at the forefront for you.

– You will also be keen to tackle decorating, moving, or renovating this month.

– A word of warning- you may be a little more emotionally sensitive this month, so be prepared.

– Enjoy plenty of self-care and support from others where possible.

– Work on strengthening your foundations on all fronts. From your finances to emotional wellbeing and everything in between.

– From March 20, you will enter a four-week stint of wellness and organisation.



Sagittarius, Brittany Spears | Credit: Billboard

– Key phrase this month is ‘slow down’.

– You may have recently been go-go-go, but you need now to rest-rest-rest. Enjoy some self-care and downtime this month.

– Shut out the world whenever possible.

– Your social life will also hit a refresh (in a good way).

– Community and communication will be key themes toward the end of the month.

– You may receive alluring event invitations- RSVP where you can.

– Chances of finding love locally this month are high. Who knows, sparks may fly with a friend.



Capricorn, Jared Leto | Credit: Entertainment Weekly

– March 20 will boot your persuasion powers, so use it to your advantage (ethically, of course).

– You’re a hard worker, but this month you may accomplish more by socialising and circulating.

– Have you had a lot of big ideas recently but not enough time to execute them? Pick one and tighten your focus to just that for a little while.

– Self-care, family and home will become a priority on March 20, so aim to get more work/life balance around this time.

– Declutter and decorate to welcome the new season!



Aquarius, Harry Styles | Credit: Newsweek

– Creating a budget or a timeline may not sound all that exciting, but it will be your path to success this month.

– Focus on small and consistent daily actions towards your goals

– Any heavy vibes you have carried since early November last year will now be shaken off. Same for those foggy feelings that may have been hanging around.

– From March 6, your confidence, clarity, and charm will make a comeback. Reconnect with friends

– Get ready for a reinvigoration of all areas of your life.



Pisces, Rihanna | Credit: Essence

– What is it that you want, Pisces?

– This is your actual new year, so treat it so. Make plans and take action.

– Get ready for a fresh perspective on just about everything

– Look to rejuvenate yourself through deep healing, nature hikes or spiritual pursuit. Anything that feeds your soul is a good idea.

– One of your ideas may be monetised this month.

– Ready yourself for a productive and profitable period. Use this short window to get ahead and take risks. Whatever you do, don’t second-guess yourself.

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