A fundraising event at Roundhouse was held by a group of artists on the 9th of March, 2022. The event is in support of humanitarian and emergency response units in Ukraine.

Credit: Dazed

During the event, artists raised money for the Disasters Emergency Committee in the simplest way. The Ukrainian humanitarian appeal, Families, helps support families that have fled the conflict. They are stripped of bare necessities. The organisation helps provide food, water, shelter, protection and healthcare.

Entertainment Line-up

Credit: Dazed

The international artists included: Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde, Bloom twins, Archive, Joseph Toonga, Yuriy Yurchuk, Imelda May, Jack Garratt, Wayne McGregor, Eckoes, Joseph Lawrence, Peter Xan, Nadeem Din-Gabisi, Silai Estatira, Tom Baxter and London Community Gospel Choir.

Other main collaborators included Sunflower, Phoenix Court, Roundhouse, Sofar Sounds, Platoon, and Lost. From live music performed by international singers, live poetry, film screenings and DJ sets.  

A Breath of Air from the Chaos

A night of class and culture takes place through an exhibition on 9th of March, 2022. The exhibition involved every piece of artistry, entertainment, and expression of thought in these worrying times. The Bloom Twins helped organize the events and contributed to performing in the evening.

Credit: Evening Standard

The Twins are Ukrainian-born and wish to bring some festivity back into the country. They have stated in a personal statement on the Roundhouse website that this event represents much more than an entertainment concert – amidst the global crisis that is taking place among the threat of nuclear war between opposing powers Russia and Ukraine, there is a slice of normalcy, and a warm glimmer of culture and art peeking through the chaos. Per Roundhouse,

“There is so much every one of us can do to make a difference and even though it’s called ‘Night for Ukraine’, the impact of it will last much longer than a night. It will belong in our memories forever.”

This is a nationwide collaboration event. It represents an opportunity to give the people of Ukraine a chance to breathe. A night of freedom, to let inhibitions run free, and worries disappear in the ambience of community and music. The event is a nice distraction from the chaos and turmoil that is spreading through the nation.

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