Yeezy has a new right-hand man – Nur Abbas, has a wealth of experience in the world of high fashion. With experience which spans from Gucci to Nike, he is set to design some special up and coming projects for the brand.

Credit: Modern Notoriety

Kanye Wests’s internationally recognised Yeezy brand names Nur Abbas as its head of design this week. The position is designed specifically with Abbas in mind. Abbas has design experience with brands which include Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. According to, WWD Abbas “will work to further expand the Yeezy empire, working directly with Ye to direct and launch special projects for the Yeezy brand.”

Abbas will be working directly alongside and reporting straight to West. Upcoming projects include Adidas, Stemwear and Gap collabs. Also, design work on Kanye West’s music merchandise line.

Expanding the Creative Vision


Abbas has had experience working with the brand Nike for the previous five years as the design director for Nike ACG, since November 2020. He additionally has international experience working in Paris as the head designer of the menswear collection for Uniqlo for a year, a senior menswear designer for Louis Vuitton for almost 10 years, and a designer for Gucci for 2 years. He is clearly very enthused to begin working with West and expand his creative vision, as he shares with WWD,

“I’m energized to work with Ye because he cares so deeply about design and moving culture forward.” 

Media Speculation

There is heavy media speculation regarding the reasons behind Nur Abbas’ appointment. Kanye West’s behaviour on Instagram (towards ex, Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson) has threatened the stability of his company. His public temperaments are causing some to call on GAP to cancel their partnership with YEEZY. Some perceive the decision to hire Abbas to be an effort to distance the brand from Kanye West; as he deals with a large amount of negative press.

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West is banned from accessing Instagram for 24 hours, for breaching the app’s harassment policy. He made a racial comment against The Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah. Noah apparently gained West’s attention by reacting to his posts about his ex Kim Kardashian. Noah states that it is “terrifying to watch,” according to WWD. Per MSN, he is also banned from performing at the 2022 Grammys for “questionable behavior online.”

A Fresh Perspective

Credit: Variety

Perhaps, the decision to hire Abbas predates the negative press. Regardless, the decision should be a positive step in rebuilding the positive image of the Yeezy brand. Kanye West is in unstable waters in the media world at the moment. But, the appointing of the highly credible designer, Abbas, can hopefully create a fresh perspective. There is undeniably much more in store for the brand’s future developments. The highly successful ‘Yeezy Gap’ initiative, according to Bloomberg, can generate up to $150 million in sales in 2022; potentially, even be a $1 billion brand by 2023.

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