Between March 24-27, Threedium hosted a collection of boutique presentations at Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week, 2022. 3D wearables from brands from around the world as well as web3 digital brands were on display in the Threedium Plaza – built with the help of Renovi Studios.

Credit: Hypebae

Threedium demonstrates innovation via the metaverse in an event which wrapped up on 27 March. Featuring an array of big brands, selected designers show off their 3D digital designs during the 4-day long Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW).

Digital Luxury

No ticket was necessary to take part in the world-class luxury event. MVFW became host to everything from live performances to after-parties, companies; even digital land purchasing. Luxury E-shop Philipp Plein chose to purchase ‘real estate’ for a long-term standing in the metaverse.

There is, however, an ongoing debate as to whether cryptocurrency poses a threat to sales numbers. Selfridges and British designer Roksanda Ilincic have chosen to sell NFTs in sterling previously, for example. Since 2021, Philip Plein has given customers the opportunity to pay for items in cryptocurrency both online and instore. “It’s been a huge success,” he says,

“we take $100,000 worth of crypto payments every day.”

Philip Plein | Credit: Forbes

Real World Design

The metaverse, a network of 3D online spaces, is a relatively new and innovative concept. Within the Metaverse, customers can shop and socialise, in a similar way to the real world. This enables people to move seamlessly between the real world and the ever-growing digital world.

Hogan’s Decentraland pop-up store at Metaverse Fashion Week | Credit: Forbes

Some brands provided a “digital + physical” buying option for their products – which means that customers get both a virtual and a real version of the item.

MVFW Attendees were able to purchase and wear digital apparel directly off the runway, using an Ethereum wallet and a customisable avatar.

Credit: NFT News Today

The four days of runway shows were full of new fashion experiences, pop-up shops, and afterparties.

Presentations by popular web3 brands including DeadFellaz, FangGang and Mortiverse took off.

Giuseppe Zanotti x Deadfellaz | Credit: Dezeen

These cutting edge, virtual fashion shows were hosted in an immersive space called ‘Taste of the Future’.

A New Era

The event also included a range of physical and digital drops. Numerous other big brands also appeared at the event.

Credit: Forbes

Prominent design houses built pop-up stores from luxury stalwarts like Selfridges, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro, Dolce & Gabbana and Dundas World. Renovi also launched Virtual Stores for DKNY, Diageo and GM Motors.

General Motors

Threedium and Craft Worldwide partner with McCann Detroit to present General Motors (GM) wearables. NFT marketplace Rinovi helps GM take advantage of Decentraland’s virtual exhibition by setting up an NFT booth. The display showcases a few of its all-electric vehicles, allowing Metaverse residents an opportunity to learn more about its EV products.

Threedium and Craft Worldwide Hosts GM Experience During Metaverse Fashion Week | Credit: gmauthority

Electric vehicle models such as the Cadillac Lyriq, Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV are on exhibit in an electric vehicle charging station. They are part of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio, which includes three autonomous electric concepts: the Cadillac InnerSpace, PersonalSpace, and SocialSpace.

Credit: gmauthority

Although these Cadillac concepts aren’t heading into production, they symbolise GM’s vision of a future where there are no crashes, no emissions, and no traffic jams.


Test and learn space ‘Taste of the Future’ is a place for Diageo to try out new virtual brand experiences. The event is themed around DKNY’s spring 2022 campaign, ‘Do Your Thing’.

Credit: djournal

As part of this virtual retail expo, avatars interacted with each other in a unique way.

Credit: Sifted

New modes of socialising, unique cocktails, custom virtual wearables, and mixology kits to try at home were all a part of this unique digital experience.

Charles & Keith

The Charles & Keith booth shows off their most popular items of the season. These include the candy-coloured Koa shoulder bag and the Alex sandals.

Credit: Charles & Keith

The brand also gave out free Koa bags and Alex sandals to the first 1000 people who visited the booth. In the real world, twenty micro Koa bags are also up for grabs in a social media contest.


PHYGICODE, the new metaverse consortium and brand incubator, launches its first ‘phygital’ brand with WYLD FLWR; offering up some interesting festival wear. PHYGICODE x WYLD FLWR features a digital capsule collection that is based on WYLD FLWR’s physical line. For the first time, people will be able to buy these real, coveted, and collectable luxury assets in the metaverse It’s called PHYGICODE, and it’s a metaverse consortium and brand incubator.

credit: WYLD FLWR

It’s launching its first phygital brand with WYLD FLWR, which makes festival clothes. “PHYGICODE x WYLD FLWR” features a digital capsule collection that is based on Wyld Flwr’s physical line. It shows off the incredible talent of Trinidad and Tobago in both physical and digital fashion. WYLD FLWR is based on Trinidad Carnival and Burning Man, and it wants to help women experience true freedom and self-expression, as well as give the women who make the clothes money.

The Future of Metaverse Fashion

Credit: Prestige Hong Kong

American tech futurist, Cathy Hackl was first official chair of Metaverse Fashion Week. In the metaverse and web 3 field, she’s one of the most sought-after strategists. Her long-term contributions and support for the web3 and the luxury fashion industry make her the perfect host for this groundbreaking event. She has helped clients like Clinique, Asprey, P&G, and many more with their campaigns in the metaverse.

Cathy Hackl | Credit: FreeThink

Threedium and Futures Intelligence also worked with 8i, one of the best volumetric capture studios in the world. Together, they show the Cathy Hackl welcome speech live inside the luxury shopping mall. Threedium’s work in e-commerce is truly setting the standard. With the help of high profile brands and fashion labels, Threedium is able to show off 3D clothes in a new and exciting way.

New Avenues

Global audiences are excited about the metaverse. It’s a new and innovative way for big brands to explore new online avenues. In the Metaverse,  customers can shop and socialise, in a similar way to the real world. In future, this will enable seamless movement between the real world and the ever-growing digital world.

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