Sydney-based Driftwood returns with fiery new single, 3AM – featuring R&B maverick LVNDVN.

Credit: Matt Scott Chow

Driftwood continues his blossoming ascension into 2022 in glossy fashion with this brand new track. 3AM glides between lush, sinewy soundscapes and ambitious storytelling, showcasing Driftwood at his best. His vast creative arsenal as a multi-disciplinary genius is accompanied by a self-directed and self-edited music video.

Driftwood also has four upcoming gigs at The Great Escape festival (UK) and two London shows scheduled as part of the festival’s warm-up week.

Seductive Wiles

LVNDVN | Credit: Genius

3AM is a cocoon of contemporary R&B wrapped around a flexing and fluctuating dance hall pocket. From percolating instrumentals to serpentine vocals, Driftwood flawlessly stages a misty, groove-soaked moment in time. The track comes complete with guest vocals from New York-based R&B artist LVNDVN; who wrote and recorded his parts remotely before sending them back to Driftwood to fuse it all together.

Credit: Youtube

Driftwood and Mitchell Sloan produced the track, which unfolds and wields its slow-burning enchantment in just under three minutes. The seductive wiles linger long after the tune fades away into the night, however. 3AM originates from a single groove during a Driftwood jam session. It’s a short, yet silky voyage into dark moments and escapism.

Driftwood says of 3AM’s underlying themes and production,

“3AM is about being in the wrong place at the right time, but still being lost in my own world even in the most extreme environments. I actually was jamming with my friend Hunter Farlow. I’m quite eclectic in my influences so there are probably more than I even realise, but for the most part it was just a nice fluid groove that I loved and started singing on.”

With sensual aesthetics and dizzy, red-hued pictures conveying the lyrical ennui, the video for 3AM is the perfect visual companion to the gloomy sway underpinning the overall tune.

Late-Night Excursions

Credit: Youtube

Driftwood is both director and editor of the video, which features some heavy colour saturation and dim lighting. It’s easy to see that he’s in sparkling command of 3AM from the conception of the track to its final delivery. Driftwood is an artist who continuously presents himself as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise repetitive market.

With each new release, Driftwood expertly straddles the line between reality and ethereal realms. He is an artist equally inspired by modern R&B and soul, as well as elements of high-street fashion, architecture, and street culture. His formidable skills as a singer, songwriter, music producer, engineer, director, and editor leave you wanting more every time. Luckily, there’s new material on the way, as he reveals,

“I’m currently in America working with some top producers on new music. I’m also shooting videos and chasing aesthetics to the moon. I’m excited to share what I’ve been creating.”

Check out Driftwood’s “3AM” below:

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