Parrtjima is a free, spectacular, 10-night festival held in the stunning Red Centre. It’s a full-scale celebration of the native land and Indigenous culture. The incredible program features light installations, artworks, performances, interactive workshops, music, film, talks and more.

Credit: Parrtjima Australia

Parrtjima is the place where old meets new and is the only authentic Aboriginal light festival of its kind. It showcases the oldest continuous culture on earth – via the latest technology available.

It is spread across the backdrop of a 300-million-year-old natural canvas – the MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. The 2022 theme, “Sky Country” focuses on everyone’s place in the universe; with an emphasis on the elements of sky, air and wind.

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Parrtjima Curator Rhoda Roberts AO says,

“A lot of people haven’t heard of ‘Sky Country’… We thought it would be a really nice introduction to Central Australia and Parrtjima”.

‘Sky Country’ offers a new way to look at the world and sparks curiosity. In 2022, the Parrtjima program tells the story of the sky, air and wind. This happens through light shows, installations, art, music, talks, films, workshops and performances.

Credit: Parrtjima Instagram

Through light shows, performances and dream time stories, the audience has the opportunity to experience the dream-like journey through Sky Country. It’s a majestic landscape of big, bold, beautiful illuminated art installations that highlight the interactions between our natural elements and the role they play in Aboriginal culture.

Natural Wonders of the Outback

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If you’ve been dreaming of visiting the red centre, an Easter Weekend at Alice Springs combines the natural wonders of the Australian outback with this unique festival. It’s a compelling sensory experience, immersing the audience in a connected kaleidoscope of art, story and light while evoking the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

Credit: Parrtjima Australia

The festival begins at Alice Springs Desert Park under Central Australia’s vast, starry skies. It continues along a path through the surrounding natural buss, with illumnation by light shards and gobos (stencils that transform beams of light into projected images). Visitors experience the journey as if they are being swept along by the wind, encountering animals, plants and ancestral totems.

The festival also features live music from First Nation groups, such as the Eastern Reggae Band, playing this Friday 15th April.

Credit: Parrtjima Instagram

In the below image, stories from the sky are put onto the sand. The artists skillfully translate traditional narratives and share deep-rooted connections bound to the sky and land. Visitors are able to learn about the symbols which assist in the teaching of Tjukurpa (the creation of time) in language.

Credit: Parrtjima Instagram

Parrtjima, A Festival in Light, runs until Sunday, April 17 around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. For more information or to book tickets, visit the festival website.

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