FIBs Double drop for Easter. Two books, two legendary Japanese designers – who were once more than just partners.
Yohji Yamamoto with Rei Kawakubo | Credit: DNA Mag
 “YOHJI” and “REI” FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCASTS publishing group has just released 2 new groundbreaking new ART BOOKS title “REI KAWAKUBO”, the third Book in their RENEGADES OF FASHION series. In this lavish 400-page hardcover picture book we explore the life and extraordinary career of Commes Des Garcons founder Rei Kawakubo.
“REI” | Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast
Credit: Amazon

The old guard of fashion despised her; the critics never understood her. But for Rei Kawakubo, founder of the renowned fashion label Comme Des Garcons, that was always the point. For the more polarising a collection was, the more success it accrued.

Kawakubo eschewed conventional standards of beauty, ushering in a new era of anti-fashion; a deconstructed wonderland of noir, capable of creating strong, provocative pieces for women with a defiant desire to dress in a way that reflected their own unique sensibilities. Kawakubo has always asserted she owns a duality of personality, and her early adult years did much to cultivate this notion: while the bohemian lifestyle of Harajuku spoke to her inherent desire to “break the rules,” the other half – gifted through education and the affluent social circles she formed during university – held a deep concern for both “tradition and history”.

This 400 page book set is full of the most iconic images and tells the amazing and inspiring story of this enigmatic reclusive genius.

Not everybody is happy to be a cog in this giant money-making fashion machine, there are a handful of mavericks who refuse to play the game. They bow to no one and follow no trends. These are the ‘Renegades of Fashion’.


‘YOHJI’ FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST has just released its groundbreaking new ART BOOK title “YOHJI YAMAMOTO”, the second book in their RENEGADES OF FASHION series.

“YOHJI” | Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast
Credit: Amazon

Yohji Yamamoto is a man who understands the power of endurance. The product of a Japanese culture ravaged by war, the progressive designer has built his 50-some year career on perseverance and a refusal to bend to the will of tradition.

From his initial struggles as an emerging designer to his incendiary debut on the world stage, all the way through to the near-collapse of his company in the wake of the global financial crisis, Yamamoto has overcome every obstacle in his path – and always on his own terms.

Today, his eponymous brand offering both men’s and women’s clothing remains his most commercially successful venture alongside the popular sub-label Y’s and youth line Ground Y to its’ principal lines Pour Homme and Costume D’Homme. His innovation has led to groundbreaking collaborations and pop culture moments, working alongside household names of fashion and reinventing icons.

‘YOHJI’ and ‘REI’ – Available now globally on Amazon books, as hard cover, soft cover, ebook and audio book.


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