TikTok star Jenny Elhassan has become the victim of a vicious acid assault during a live TikTok video, with hundreds of fans watching. The assault took place in Sydney’s Haymarket late on Friday night.

Credit: 9 News

TikTok personality Jenny Elhassan was attacked at approximately 11.20pm by three masked men in Sydney’s Haymarket.  Elhassan, 32, was live-streaming a video on TikTok shortly before she was splashed with the corrosive liquid. The attack took place outside Sydney’s Old Town Hong Kong restaurant late Friday night. Three men got out of a black Mazda SUV and attacked Elhassan with acid, hitting her face and neck. She immediately went into the nearby restaurant for help and police were called. Paramedics treated her for burns to her right eye, forehead, and neck.

In the hours after the attack, Elhassan revealed to Channel 10 that she knew one of the attackers. She tells Channel 10, “I feel like if I just let it blow over it will be much better for me.”

Possible Links

According to News.com.au, police are looking into possible links between her attackers and a known crime family. Elhassan has stated that she does not want her attackers to be prosecuted.

Credit: Daily Mail

After the attack, Elhassan talks about the attack in a live video with an eye patch over her right eye. She warns that things will “get worse”.

9 News reports that she was rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital to be treated for her facial injuries. “I thought I lost my eyesight when it first happened,” she says on TikTok from her hospital bed. “I was screaming because I couldn’t see.” She goes on to explain that,
“God saved me. I had my glasses on. Imagine I didn’t have my glasses on.”
Sean West, Detective Acting Inspector has said that police are investigating the motive. “The precise motive of the attack is under investigation,” he says. “This is completely unacceptable.”

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